Gesture tracking technology allows kids to run Blob Opera on the waves

Towards the end of 2020, digital artist David Li is working with Google’s Arts and Culture Lab to join forces. Blob opera.. Currently, Stuck Labs has developed a touchless interface that allows young conductors to wave their arms to control opera actions.

Stuck Labs is Singapore’s Innovation Division. A deadlocked design studio, And consists of hardware and software engineers, producers, scientists, and designers. In January, the team created the concept of an elevator button that tracks finger approach movements and allows the button to be pressed without physically touching it, creating Kinetic Touchless.

Kinetic Touchless | STUCK Labs | Returning Human Touch to a Contactless Solution

And in March, Stuck Labs focused on sliding doors, such as those found in shopping malls, hotels, and airport lounges. The designer created a sensor that not only opens when someone approaches, but can also open the door with a wave of hands, rather than letting in cold air while releasing heat from the inside. The door will close automatically as you pass through the gap.

Kinetic Touchless 2.0 | Reuse of non-contact control of automatic doors

The third iteration of Kinetic Touchless Sensing Technology, which Stuck Labs puts near the chest, was inspired by a clever and highly addictive Blob Opera experiment created by David Li and Google Arts and Culture Labs.

In browser experiments, the user controls the colorful letters on the screen and drag them up and down to change the pitch of the opera, or drag them back and forth to change the shape of the singer’s mouth to create different vowels. You can speak. You can also record and play back your performance.

The gesture tracking interface in front of this young conductor transforms movement into Blob Opera controls

Stack Lab

But instead of using a computer mouse, Stuck Labs tracks the gestures of a young conductor on the podium, raising his hand and arm to an AI-led vocalist.

“Kinetic Touchless 3.0 expands to reflect body movements and empowers children to physically perform masses of virtual opera,” explained Stick Labs. “By associating the natural movements of conducting with the controls needed to operate Blob Opera, Kinetic Touchless 3.0 provides the ability to conduct just like a real orchestra. Conducting practice is purely arm training. It doesn’t have to be. Playing with Blob Opera is just a two-dimensional experience. “

In the video below, you can see happy kids running BlobOpera to create a touchless symphony.

Kinetic Touchless 3.0 | Touchless Symphony for the Joy of Movement

sauce: Stack Lab Gesture tracking technology allows kids to run Blob Opera on the waves

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