German Startup Secures Funding for Weird Twisted Fusion Machine

German startup gets first investment To scale up a strange, twisted-looking fusion machine capable of powering the world with abundant, clean, limitless energy.

Proxima Fusion rises A device known as the Stellarator, a little-known fusion reactor, has been funded with €7 million to build and could be the key to a fusion reactor. unlock There is a possibility that the power of nuclear fusion will be born while we are alive.

The initial funding round was modest, but notable as the startup is the first spin-out from Germany’s esteemed Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics.

The institute is dedicated exclusively to fusion research and has the world’s largest stellar system. Called the Wendelstein 7-X, the machine is the result of 27 years of research and design (and a €1.3 billion investment), fueled by recent advances in supercomputing and state-of-the-art plasma theory.