Gas stoves are not banned in the US

Mobile, Alabama (WKRG) — If you search the internet for ‘gas stove ban’ you may find that there are many articles circulating about things that may be banned in the US, but they are not. .

A recent study in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health claimed that nearly 13% of childhood asthma cases today are attributable to gas stove use.

After Bloomberg’s recent interview with a spokesperson for the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, the commission was considering banning gas stoves.

Gas stoves are in homes across America. Some, like mobile resident Kevin Jones, prefer cooking on a gas stove to an electric one.

“I love the convenience of them,” said Jones. “I love that they heat up quickly. I have a power burner, but it doesn’t take long to cool. Well, we’re running our heaters on gas, and we’re running the whole house on gas generators, natural gas.”

Considering this study, Jones has a five-year-old daughter who suffers from asthma, and said he would get rid of gas stoves if they were causing health problems.

“Knowing my daughter has asthma, I can say that I always put my family’s safety first,” Jones said. “So if my daughter’s safety, my son’s safety, or my wife and myself are in danger, I’m going to tear this one up today and get an electric one.”

Nick Popielski, Spire’s vice president of business and economic development, said the misunderstanding started because of poor research.

“This comes from meta-analysis,” said Popielski. “It wasn’t a Rocky Mountain Institute-sponsored study. It basically compared the article to asthma cases seen in nine states that reported practical appliances. use of natural gas as [the] Prevalence of asthma. But even if we really knew it at the time, it was bad research. They have since reversed their positions on it. But what caused the harabaloo was someone at DC saw it and said, “This is a problem, we should probably consider a ban.” And even the current federal government blocked it after having many concerns about that kind of approach. ”

Popielski said gas stoves are completely safe and measures are in place to ensure emissions from natural gas keep cooking safe.

“So we put an extractor fan over the stove to ventilate everything along with the oil that comes out during cooking,” says Popielski. “And the cause of indoor air quality problems is almost always related to grease evaporating from cooking or burning cooking from scratch. It has nothing to do with the actual fuel you use. So, Is there an element of truth to it?

Ms. Jones says she continues to use the gas stove, and her daughter’s asthma has improved over the years. He believed the study was not very accurate.

“We just went to her doctor last week,” Jones said. “And she did a breath test and her lungs were 110%. It’s a miracle because the doctor said normal is 80%. So she’s been in this house for nine months instead of 10.” Living here makes her lungs stronger.”

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