Gaetz says Santos ‘must go through congressional ethics process’ but shouldn’t be shy

Rep. Matt Gates (R-Florida) said Saturday Rep. George Santos (RN.Y.) will have to face congressional ethics processes over fabrications about his career and questions about his finances. said, but should not be a “subject of shunning” by his fellow members of Congress.

“George Santos represents more than 700,000 people in New York,” said Gates. told CNN’s Michael Smarkonish“Whether people like it or not, these people deserve to have members of Congress working with those who serve them.”

Gates added that he didn’t want to prejudice Santos before Congress’ ethics process ran its course.

A Florida Republican said, “I think he deserves at least a chance to make his case.

Santos has also faced calls from within his own party to resign after it was discovered last month that he fabricated many of his resumes. His first-term congressman admitted to lying about where he attended college and about his previous work experience during his campaign for Congress.

But Santos’ background questions don’t stop at his resume. When he failed to run for Congress in 2020, Santos reported he had no assets at his $55,000 salary. But just two years later, he lent himself more than $700,000 of his money for his 2022 campaign.

Gaetz asked Santos about the source of the $700,000 loan while hosting a recent episode of Steve Bannon’s podcast War Room. But Santos dodged the question, saying only, “Let me tell you where it came from. It didn’t come from China, Ukraine or Burisma.”

The Campaign Legal Center, a bipartisan ethics watchdog, filed a complaint Earlier this week, he joined the Federal Election Commission (FEC) in opposing Santos, accusing him of violating campaign finance laws.

“Especially in light of the mountain of lies about Santos’ life and public office qualifications, the Commission believes that what it perceives to be equally blatant lies about how his campaign was financed and used. should be thoroughly investigated,” the organization said in its complaint.

Two House Democrats filed a complaint With the House Ethics Committee on allegations that Santos filed inaccurate financial disclosures.

However, Santos has so far refused to resign. Several Republicans called for him to step down, but House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-California) didn’t seem particularly enthusiastic about lawmakers facing the issue. Regardless, he refused to ask for his resignation.

“The voters in his precinct elected him. He’s sitting. He’s part of the Republican convention,” McCarthy said Thursday.

https://www.wkrg.com/national/gaetz-says-santos-will-have-to-go-through-the-congressional-ethics-process-but-shouldnt-be-shunned/ Gaetz says Santos ‘must go through congressional ethics process’ but shouldn’t be shy

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