GA-ASI delivers two MQ-9A Reaper Block 5 drones to the U.S. Marine Corps

Equipped with multi-sensor reconnaissance, the MQ-9AUAS supports USMC’s forward operations on the battlefield. Credit: General Atomics

General Atomics Aeronautical Systems (GA-ASI) has announced the transfer of two MQ-9A Reaper Block 5 Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Systems (UAS) to the US Marine Corps (USMC).

The aircraft was transferred on October 15th.

This transfer also includes two ground control stations (GCS) and associated support equipment.

USMC has been operating two aircraft since 2018 under a company-owned / company-operated (COCO) lease agreement as part of its Emergency Operations Needs (UON).

According to the company, these MQ-9A reapers show the first increment of the Marine Air-Ground Task Force (MAGTF) ​​UAS Expedition (MUX) Recording Program (POR).

The two COCOM Q-9A are operated by USMC under a lease agreement between GA-ASI and Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR).

The two aircraft have completed more than 12,000 hours of flight, support operations in the Middle East and communicate MUXPOR requirements and expectations.

GA-ASI noted that MUXPOR consists of 16 additional new MQ-9A.

USMC will begin procuring these UAS next year to support its Early Operations Capacity (EOC) in 2023.

The US Indo-Pacific Army Initial Operating Capability (IOC) is scheduled for 2025.

Developed and manufactured by GA-ASI equipped with multi-sensor reconnaissance MQ-9A UAS Supports USMC’s forward operations on the battlefield.

David R Alexander, President of GA-ASI, said:

“This was a good example of how customers could try our aircraft” before buying. ”

“Now we’ve seen first-hand how a permanent ISR platform like the MQ-9A can support the Marines’ needs for long range shooting in the Pacific as part of the Commander’s unit design initiative. rice field.”

The MQ-9A Block 5UAS has a durability of over 26 hours, a speed of 220 KTAS, and can operate at altitudes of up to 45,000 feet.

It has a loading capacity of £ 3,850, including an external store of £ 3,000.

Designed to meet crew aircraft reliability standards, the MQ-9A Block 5 comes with a fault-tolerant flight control system and a triple-redundant avionics system.

Last April, USMC made the first flight of MQ-9A Reaper UAS in the Middle East. GA-ASI delivers two MQ-9A Reaper Block 5 drones to the U.S. Marine Corps

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