Full disk encryption: what, how, and why

Disks and drives store large amounts of critical data, so security against cybercriminals is paramount.

In this blog, you will learn what full disk encryption is and why it is important to protect the entire disk volume and all files on the drive from unauthorized access.

What is full disk encryption?

Full disk encryption, or hard drive encryption, transforms the information in the storage medium into a secret format that only authorized persons or systems can understand.

All information on the system’s hard drive is converted from plain text to ciphertext, protecting the entire disk volume, all files on the drive, and the operating system from unauthorized access.

Why is full disk encryption important?

Easy access to sensitive information makes the system more vulnerable to cybercriminals. If the information is encrypted, it provides protection against cyber attacks by making it visible only to authorized individuals.

Benefits of full disk encryption

Additional layer of security

Full disk encryption is done on the hard drive itself and does not require software assistance. Everything that goes into the drive is encrypted.

The operating system and all files are encrypted when you turn off your computer and are not decrypted until you turn it on again.

Prevention of data breaches

Full disk encryption makes it more difficult to access the data encrypted on the device. Unauthorized users will need a master password to log in as well as physical access to the computer.

If your device or system is stolen or misplaced, your important data will be safe because your data cannot be decrypted even if you remove your hard drive and place it on another machine.

Keep your device easy to use and safe

Full disk encryption is an easy-to-implement passive security measure that automatically encrypts data as soon as it is stored on the device, so users take additional steps to ensure security. No need to.

In addition, full disk encryption is easy to implement as all major operating systems offer some functionality.

Full disk encryption and Trenton Systems

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https://www.trentonsystems.com/blog/full-disk-encryption Full disk encryption: what, how, and why

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