Fulfillment by Amazon buyer Accel Club concludes $ 170 million –

Taking advantage of the current epidemic of soaring fulfillment by Amazon e-commerce merchants Accelerator club Raised $ 170 million in equity and venture debt funding rounds.

Just like our competitors Slasio, Razor group, SellerX, HeroesAccel Club buys, builds, and boosts e-commerce shops through integration and numerous technologies, tools, and resources.

yawn. Nothing hasn’t been heard or seen yet. However …

The differentiator behind Accel Club is its co-founder. Maxim Philsov.. In 2015, Max founded Foodfox in Russia.This is a restaurant marketing, sales and delivery fulfillment company and ultimately Acquired By, and became the foundation of today Yandex Eats..

Prior to establishing his own company, Max was a leader in business development projects. Ramoda, One of the largest online retailers in Russia. And to conclude the three consecutive victories, he has deep experience in economics, Interros, And sale of shares at a corporate investment bank Aton When IFC Metropole..

Established in February this year, the company already has offices in Europe, the United States and China, and currently operates mainly in the US market, but will aim to work toward platforms in Europe and the United States in the future.

The equity part of Accel Club funding is Red seedWith participation from Flyer One VenturesAlthough the debt lending round was led by Northwall Capital..

“We can see how rapidly the e-commerce market is changing when traditional consumer goods companies are losing online space to small independent brands that offer equal or greater value to their customers with their products. By leveraging our technology, marketing, operations and supply chain expertise, we are building a global technology-driven consumer product platform that delivers significant value to millions of customers worldwide. “Masu,” commented Firsov. Fulfillment by Amazon buyer Accel Club concludes $ 170 million –

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