FTC votes to fight the right to repair restrictions

The US Federal Trade Commission unanimously voted to address illegal repair restrictions.In a policy statement Published on WednesdayThe agency said it plans to invest additional resources to enforce existing legislation such as: Magnuson-Moss Guarantee ActProtects small businesses and consumers from companies that interfere with the repair of their purchased products. In doing so, the FTC takes a five-part approach to issues, including collecting comments and complaints from citizens, and works more closely with state law enforcement agencies and policy makers to already exist. Update regulations.

“These types of restrictions significantly increase consumer costs, curb innovation, block business opportunities for independent repair shops, generate unwanted e-waste, delay and recover timely repairs. It can be detrimental. ” Recently confirmed FTC Chair Lina Khan said. “FTC has a variety of tools that can be used to eradicate illegal repair restrictions. Today’s policy statement promises to take this issue forward with new momentum.”

The policy statement is: July 9 Executive Order President Biden has instructed the FTC to address “unreasonable anti-competitive restrictions on third-party repairs or self-repair of items” imposed by “strong manufacturers” in the agricultural and technical industries. In Wednesday’s announcement, the FTC did not appoint a specific company to target as part of its enforcement action. However, companies like Apple can come to the mind of the agency.Tech giants are consistent Lobbyed state-level rights to restore legislationClaim those laws Endanger consumers..

The right to repair supporters immediately praised the announcement. “FTC is tuned the country’s commerce. Manufacturers have long bullied consumers and closed local repair shops,” said Kyle Wins, CEO of iFixit. Blog post The company announced following the announcement of the policy. “This groundbreaking new policy will change that. There are new sheriffs in town.”

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