From Tyler Durden to Cliff Booth: Brad Pitt’s Coolest Roles

If Brad Pitt wasn’t smart in choosing roles, he wouldn’t have stayed at the top of the movie star game for the past 30 years. Star age after moviesWhen you think of stars who have faded out of movie stardom, or faded out and back (sometimes more than once), like Bruce Willis, John Travolta, and Eddie Murphy, it’s usually their choice that’s cool. because it is no longer considered to be Roles make them look silly, desperate, or being played.

Pitt has avoided this for over 30 years. Of his contemporaries, Tom Hanks was probably the only one with a long-lasting association with the movie star, and even Hanks didn’t look all that cool in the intervening years. big When own league. (Remember ending?) So how does Pitt do it? It’s all about the role, baby — an actor who understands exactly what makes his image glamorous. back to the big screen bullet trainassessing some of his coolest roles and how they shaped his legacy.

Thelma and Louise (1991) JD


In Ridley Scott’s feminist classic, starring Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis, two friends on a weekend of free fun take a dark turn when they kill a would-be rapist. Fearing disbelief, the women decided to run rather than turn themselves in, and Scott and screenwriter Currie Kouri satirized the genre of the male road trip, criticizing its many insidious forms. criticized toxic masculinity. As Thelma and Louise pass through the return point (through the beautifully photographed American West), their journey not only becomes one of hers of discovery, but she chooses to defy society’s prescribed gender roles. It also becomes an allegory about the cost of women.

Pitt’s role as castaway criminal JD is a small one, but it made him an instant star. he took off his shirtHis brief tryst with Thelma awakens her to the lust she has sunk into a dominant marriage. JD is a good listener, receptive to her needs, and a playful and attentive lover. He seems to understand, more than anything else, that Thelma craves someone she can confide in and feel comfortable with. and made him a sex symbol of all time.

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California (1993) early grace

Brad Pitt and Juliette Lewis in California

If Thelma and Louise The miserable California — released just two years later — proved in no uncertain terms that pretty boys can act. An entry into the road trip/crime subgenre that was inexplicably popular in the early ’90s (which includes Thelma and Louise Even if true romance, deception, When Natural Born Killers), the film stars David Duchovny and Michelle Forbes as a broken young couple trying to get from New York to California. Early Grace (Pitt) and his developmentally disabled girlfriend (Juliet Lewis, natural born killers) for gas money, they get a serious education on how the other half lives. A writer who chronicles mass murderers, Duchovny’s character is initially intrigued by Early’s dangerous energy until things go too far and the journey descends into hell.

So what’s “cool” about playing a murderous psychopath? The courage it took to make this rough and disturbing film. California Not only does it condemn the violence itself, but it condemns the hypocrisy with which our society glorifies and voraciously consumes it (this was before the internet). The movie wasn’t a hit, but found fans, including the named Roger Ebert. one of the best movies of the year called Pitt’s performance “moving”.

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Fight Club (1999) Tyler Durden

Brad Pitt in a red leather jacket at Fight Club
20th century studio

Incoherent on both a narrative and thematic level, David Fincher’s fight club As schizophrenic as its protagonist (Edward Norton) is, (Spoiler) a psychotic young man who invents an alternate ego, Tyler Durden (Pitt). Fantasy — first in an underground fight club and later as part of a domestic terrorist organization targeting all. Fincher and his writers (including Chuck Palahniuk, the novel the film is based on) are unable to decide which people and organizations most deserve their contempt. And like the deranged adolescent male at its core who feels society has castrated them, it brutally lashes out in all directions.

fight club Too scattered and ignorant to be satire, and not much said about its irresponsible view of mental illness. What remains is a shockingly misogynistic and homophobic fantasy that, twenty years after becoming a cult classic, is all too familiar as such. , is disturbing given the impact the film has had on legions of angry, paranoid young men who believe it to be some kind of manifesto that equates masculinity with anarchy.

Brad Pitt shirtless at Fight Club
20th century studio

Still (deep breath!) fight club Adequately directed and envisioned by Fincher at the level of production design and worldbuilding.Pitt and Norton are excellent, delivering the narration and lines of dialogue from the novel in a compelling manner, giving the film the slippery physicality that drives it. , rocked some of the grooviest threads this side of ’70s glam rock — including his now-legendary red leather jacket — for Pitt’s coolness at fight club Thrilling. To witness it, you just have to sit back and experience the moral catastrophe.

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Inglourious Basterds (2009) Lieutenant Aldo Raine

Brad Pitt in
universal pictures

You can imagine how the pitch went with this.

Quentin Tarantino: I want to make a two-and-a-half hour movie about a classic European movie with lots of subtitles and a sadistic SS officer as one of the main characters.

Studio Execs: Absolutely not.

Tarantino: Brad Pitt has signed on.

Studio Execs: When can production begin?

Frankly, Pitt is one of the few 21st century movie stars who can put his butt in the seat because of his name, not because he wears a cloak and cowl or wields a cane or lightsaber. Tarantino rewarded the actors for their participation, chewing scenes with Tennessee-born Lieutenant Aldo Raine, leader of the Busters and a Nazi zealot amputee (or, as Raine calls them, “Nagy”). gave him the role.To help end World War II by pulling off a heinous act of sabotage that, despite logistical difficulties, still proves more achievable than Rain. speak italian with a tennessee accent.

If fight club It seems like a boy masochist fantasy, Inglourious Busters — It seems even more elegant and sophisticated, even though it happily enjoys violence. A lot of this has to do with the formal beauty of Tarantino’s filmmaking. Luxurious production his designs and elaborate yet understated cinematography.The way the director builds suspense into the lengthy sequences in this film is fitting for Hitchcock, not only for the famous scenes set in the farmhouse and pub basement, but also for the heroine (Melanie Laurent) to sit down with coffee. strudel with the monster (Oscar-winner Christoph Waltz) who slaughtered her family. If you get the chance, check out Pitt and company on his gorgeous 4K UHD Blu-Ray.

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Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (2019) cliff booth

OUATIH's Brad Pitt and Leo DiCaprio
Sony Pictures

This light fantasy is about two companions, Rick Dalton (Leonardo DiCaprio). Rick Dalton (Leonardo DiCaprio) is struggling for relevance in a fading television star and his stuntman Cliff. I’m just trying to get on the coattails of . as long as it lasts. Cool merchant Tarantino knows exactly how to portray Pitt in this movie and gives him a swell (controversial case) moments like wearing a tuxedo, fighting Bruce Lee, and hanging out in a convertible Volkswagen Karmann Ghia.

rear Inglourious Basterds When django unchained, Once Upon A Time…In Hollywood It’s Tarantino’s third (and hopefully last, as these things go) revisionist history, imagining villains making violent comebacks at the hands of upstanding heroes.The evil man in this piece is Charles Manson, and he is in this world The problems of late 1960s Los Angeles bear far greater responsibility than institutionalized racism, pollution, massive income inequality, and the wars tearing the country apart. But hey, I’m spoiling the topic by addressing such things.

More than an anxious Dalton, Booth would be the ideal embodiment of Tarantino’s vision of Los Angeles as a laid-back utopia, wiping out ambitious dudes like Manson and his ilk would be the problem. No aura can be maintained forever. Hollywood’s standard-bearers (whose job is to keep LA’s Edenic facade crumbling after all) said Pitt won an Oscar and many other accolades for his performance. You seem to have agreed with this formulation because you earned it.

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The Lost City (2022) – Jack Trainor

brad pitt in lost city

After all the serial killings, bloody martial arts, moral depravity, and Nazi mutilation, we’d better end up with something fun. He understands that less is more when it comes to appearances. Especially as someone whose mug is constantly stuffed into the public consciousness with celebrity news, the actor tries not to oversaturate his cinematic presence. Part of this approach was alternating lead and supporting roles and joining talented ensembles at gigs such as; Once Upon A Time…In Hollywood, 12 years of slavery (which he also produced), or big short.

These supporting pieces can be found in comedies that satirize his image as the Coen Brothers. burn when read Also lost citya romantic fluff starring Sandra Bullock as a romance writer who gets caught up in one of her own soap opera plots alongside her novel’s cover model (Channing Tatum).

Pitt has a small role as Jack Trainer. Jack Trainor is one of his martial arts experts, a special ops fighter assassin who is very common in movies (somewhat unusual in real life), and who manages to take Brock’s character out of the hands of his enemies. called to rescue. Megalomaniac (Daniel Radcliffe, surprisingly effective as a villain).Pitt’s screen time is short, but the movie makes the most of it. lost citywhile playing his badass self at the same time, sums up the secret to his success as the ultimate cool guy in cinema.

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