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Again, the Internet may have bypassed Sony and announced the PS Plus December 2021 game. According to the website Dealabs, the source of a solid lineup over the past few months, players will receive three games. Check it out below:

  • GodFall (PS4 e PS5)
  • Mortal shell (PS4)
  • Lego DC Super Villain (PS4)

It’s a good idea to be careful before creating expectations. This is not an official list. The December PS Plus game will be announced on Wednesday (1st), so check our website to see if the leaker hit again. The games offered to PS Plus subscribers shocked the world during the first four months of 2021. But from May to November, Sony hasn’t brought joy to all its fans. The latest titles that reach subscribers are split fans because they are unattractive. It’s hard to compare the November game to the Days Gone or Final Fantasy VII Remake offered in service earlier this year. It won’t break the norm next month, but the rumored title is certainly more interesting than last month’s.

GodFall (PS4 and PS5)

Aperion is on the verge of ruin. You are the last of the Barorian Knights, God Warriors, and Close Quarters Masters, and are equipped with the legendary Baroa Plate armor.First Predator-Slasher’s Melee Action RPG, Rise in Godfall

Mortal shell (PS4)

Mortal Shell is a relentless action RPG complex that tests your sanity and resilience in a destroyed world. As the wreckage of mankind withers and rots, zealous enemies rot in the ruins. They have no mercy and need conscience, accuracy, and good instinct to survive. Discover the hidden shrines of zealous believers and discover your true purpose.

Lego DC Super Villain (PS4)

The bad is the good … embark on a new DC / LEGO adventure when you become the greatest villain in the universe. Players create and control new supervillains in-game, perform evil in action-packed stories and cause havoc. In the open world experience of the DC Universe, the Justice League disappeared and the protection of the Earth was in the hands of the Justice Union counterparts. Those who complain a lot with you must discover the intent of the new and strange superheroes of the planet. With the famous DC Supervillain: The Joker, Harlequin, and many other members of the League of Injustice, players will be part of an epic adventure.

The PS Plus December 2021 list will be published “officially” on December 1st, and the game will be available from December 7th. You can find this and other news about the game on Mobigaming. Free games raging

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