Fox is trying to build a Masked Singer NFT community

Some television studios initially planned to tie a large NFT project to a major show, which turned out to be Fox. The company has launched MaskVerse, an NFT collection / game / connection. Masked singer.. Fox has previously shown interest in NFT partnerships, but this depends on aspects of the community used by other NFT projects ( Great success, At another time To a disaster). Fox also seems to want to make this project more AThing. Collectibles released from other TV shows..

According to the company, the show’s first NFT will be free, with “special access” to MaskVerse’s Discord, and will start on Wednesday (of course). Masked singer). Then people can buy NFT packs to build their collections, and in November Fox will add a game where players can vote on what will happen to contestants in the game show. Prizes for guessing correctly give you the opportunity to buy even rarer NFT packs.

Fox says people will be able to trade or sell NFTs along the way Of the masked singer Seasons so they can build a complete collection. With the complete collection of “Common Masks”, you will have access to even more exclusive digital items. According to the MaskVerse FAQ Also, the potential for real prizes (and perhaps some additional influence of Discord). NFTs can only be purchased initially using a credit card or PayPal, but Fox states that cryptocurrency support will be “soon”. If you are interested in the gist of the blockchain technology that the company is using to do all of this, FAQ Go pretty deep.

Fox has shown a lot of interest in doing showbase NFTs before. Announced that the company was established It was called Blockchain Creative Labs to make that happen.Already announced KurapopolisShow created by Rick and Morty “Completely curated on Blockchain” co-author Dan Harmon. Instead of focusing on releasing content and related merchandise on the blockchain, MaskVerse seems to be trying to get people excited about NFT trading by leveraging existing fan-based shows. NBA top shot style..

It’s not an amazing move Recent hype about the NFT community Like Bored Ape Yacht Club and Pudgy Penguins, it would be interesting to see if it succeeds — will the potential perks be interesting enough? Of the masked singer Did mainstream viewers invest in NFT games? Will NFT promises bring crypto people to the show? It’s hard to tell if either is possible, but Fox’s FAQ states that there is an open event log on the blockchain, so it’s hard to tell how many people are interested. It’s relatively easy. Fox is trying to build a Masked Singer NFT community

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