Fortress dual lane combination doubles dairy inspection waste

Fortress Technology has helped halve waste by custom-designing its own twin aperture metal detector and dual lane raptor checkwayer for the world’s leading dairy companies in a breakthrough in space-saving product inspection. increase.

The bold design of receiving the shredded cheese pouch directly from the dual head bagger saves a lot of space and cost in a busy dairy factory.

The twin lane conveyor configuration, which offers a customized solution that other food inspection companies cannot approach with performance attributes, has a single Fortress metal detector that is uniquely split into two openings and optimized quality. Integrates two independent weight verification Raptor checkways for management. Each technology and lane has a unique air-blast rejection mechanism that separates metal contaminants and weight rejects, helping to reduce and minimize wasted good products by more than 50%. Only 10 feet long, Fortress has integrated a radial conveyor into the metal detector’s infeed.

For some producers of some of the world’s most iconic cheese brands, compromising metal detection sensitivity was not an option. Jody Curry, European commercial manager, emphasizes the benefits of the multi-aperture metal detector concept: “The high spec fortress multi-aperture system was specially designed to ensure that there are no trade-offs in terms of performance and metal detection sensitivity. One of the main advantages of the twin aperture system is by reject. The amount of waste generated is halved. “

Fortress Technology has installed this twin aperture metal detector and dual lane raptor checkwayer to seamlessly integrate with the dual head VFFS bagging system.

Multiple benefits

Fortress Technology’s special dual-lane version of the multi-aperture metal detector consists of a single unit divided into two small dedicated apertures in each lane that act as independent metal detectors. Two compact openings 102 mm high and 254 mm wide mean that the pack passes through the center point of the metal detector individually for optimum metal detection sensitivity.

“Because production per hour is a very important productivity benchmark, this groundbreaking multi-aperture design facilitates fast and accurate metal detection, reduces factory footprint and total cost of ownership ( It represents a major change for lean manufacturers looking to improve TCO). “ Jody is careful.

Fully integrated with upstream and downstream equipment in the dairy factory, the compact shape of the customized radius conveyor, which matches the 120-140 ppm output speed of the dual-head VFFS bagging system, allows the product pack to smooth corners. Easily position and orient the product pack as it bends. Towards the metal detector. By providing optimal spacing when the product pack is presented at the opening of each metal detector, you can avoid congestion, bottlenecks, and flexible packaging duplication.

Each lane is programmed to run independently, so a custom design minimizes disruption to the packaging process during product switching, or if one lane fails or requires maintenance. It can be limited to the limit. In addition, two different product lines, pack sizes, or SKUs can run adjacent to each other at the same time, so the unique design provides the plant with additional inspection and weight verification capabilities.

Located between the two outfeed conveyors, the air blast nozzle efficiently and independently removes contaminated products into lockable reject bins with reject confirmation and bin full sensors. For heavier products, Fortress usually suggests using a pusher, drop conveyor, or pull-in belt mechanism.

Furious reception

The first integration of the new Raptor Checkweigher, using compatible assembly parts, represents another major milestone for inspection specialists. The hygienic dual lane design, which provides dynamic weight monitoring with minimal customization to existing product supply and packaging lines, is especially operational for upstream product gifts, non-conforming food packs, packaging waste, etc. It also covers inefficiencies.

In just a few milliseconds, two packs pass through two Raptor load cells to weigh, analyze, capture, and report data at the same time. To facilitate integration, the Air Blast Nozzle rejects non-weight products with minimal operational intervention.

Both metal detectors and Raptor Checkwayers capture live OEE data that is easy to read to ensure absolute traceability and compliance with the Retailer Code of Conduct and QA Protocol. Allows the dairy group to establish operational parameters and extract the most valuable statistics for the business (volume, weight, inspection speed, fail, downtime, etc.).

Dairy factories with Contact Reporter software have the ability to export and convert time-stamped production data. “”This level of cohesive reporting on multi-lane systems provides valuable upstream trend feedback for operational efficiency. ” Jody is careful.

Built to the highest food grade standards, the modular 200mm wide conveyor assembly, conveyor deck, and belt are all designed to be easily removed from the machine for quick, deep hygiene and maintenance. I am. The operative simply removes and disconnects the clip on the conveyor motor. In just a few seconds, the conveyor belt is removed and instantly restored when the belt tension and tracking are clipped back into place. All without the use of a single tool.

In 2021, the Fortress Raptor series won praise for its prestigious lean manufacturing method for food processing. Admiring the natural synergies of metal detection and weight verification technologies, the judges praised high operational efficiency, cost savings, and the use of common elements.

https://engineering-update.co.uk/2022/04/07/fortress-dual-lane-combi-doubles-down-on-dairy-inspection-waste/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=fortress-dual-lane-combi-doubles-down-on-dairy-inspection-waste Fortress dual lane combination doubles dairy inspection waste

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