Former NFL player dies awaiting trial in Kansas prison

Leavenworth, KansasWDAF) – Former Kansas City Chiefs football player died Thursday while in Leavenworth prison, records show.

Saousoalii P. Siavii Jr. is well known as Junior Siavii. Indicted in federal court in 2019 There are three counts of illegal possession of firearms. He was detained in a Leavenworth US prison awaiting trial.

Details about his death were not immediately available.

Siavii was drafted by the Chiefs in the second round of 2004 as the 36th pick overall. He was later separated from the team in 2006.

Defensive Tackle then signed with the Dallas Cowboys in 2008 and went off and on with the team until 2010. The Seattle Seahawks then claimed to have abandoned the Waivers announcement in 2010. He recorded the best career in tackling with the Seahawks before he was injured. Released in 2011.

East Rutherford, NJ – December 17: Defensive Harness, Kansas City Chiefs Junior Sheaby # 94 fumbles back in front of New York Giants quarterback Elimining # 10 in the first quarter of a match at the Giants Stadium. Dive in to do. December 17, 2005, in East Rutherford, NJ. (Photo by Nick Raham / Getty Images)

The criminal charges filed in 2019 alleged that Siavii had been arrested three times in possession of both illegal drugs and firearms. Under federal law, it is illegal for illegal drug users to carry firearms or ammunition.

According to court documents, police were summoned to the parking lot on the US 40 Highway where Siavii was getting off the stolen car. Officers said Siavi ignored their orders and the officer deployed his taser to Siavvi twice.

Police reported that she had found a loaded pistol, ammunition, and other drugs in her possession. The complaint cites other cases in which Siavii was arrested while in possession of illegal drugs and firearms. Former NFL player dies awaiting trial in Kansas prison

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