Following procurement cuts, the Army aims to add funding in 2022 for aerial jamming pods.

Washington — After zero procurement of the Army’s first brigade aerial obstruction pods in fiscal year 2022, the service’s electronic warfare community is looking to add funding in the next budget cycle.

With the latest Army budget, Eliminates plans to spend $ 12 million on purchases Multifunctional Electronic Warfare-An electronic attack pod capable of cyber effects on the MQ-1C Gray Eagle, an AirLarge system. It was designed to be the first brigade organic aerial electronic attack asset.

Despite reducing procurement, the Army $ 12 million in 2022 for R & D funding For pods.

“We have proposed a series of actions to consider to senior Army leaders to bring a limited amount of procurement back to the line. Colonel Daniel Holland, Capability Manager for Electronic Warfare, 1 Said in a virtual presentation hosted by AFCEA’s North Virginia Chapter on 13th March.

Holland has updated the MFEW feature development documentation to “strengthen key performance parameters for multi-domain operations against near-peer threats.”

Following the zero funding dollar, the Army Chief Acquirer of the EW Portfolio described the MFEW’s “certification” phase.

“The MFEW feature works in a robust environment, consider a variety of platform sets, not just Gray Eagle, to see how MFEW works, and then show that it may work on the platform. We need to. In the future, we will inevitably pursue features like MFEW. ” Said Mark Kitz, Program Executive Officer for Intelligence, Electronic Warfare and Sensors. “Next year, the Army will get some data and learn how this MFEW feature will enable future operations. The data will teach you how to proceed with MFEW-like features. I think it will help you .. “

Recognizing the challenges of the budgeting cycle, the Netherlands believes the Army is on the “solid foundation” of 2022 development and limited user testing, and needs to be notified of updated documents for that.

“we, [capability development document] Updates include feedback from operational forces, especially divisions.This is the Army [brigade combat team]Since MFEW is intended to be dispatched to the Division Combat Aviation Brigade, from a division-centered army to a division-centered army. [capability development document] Updates are particularly relevant to this pivot, “he said. “We are always a threat [capability development document] Do exactly that. “

Despite the challenges, the Netherlands said the Army’s electronic warfare community believes that MFEW is an important component of its portfolio of services. In fact, other service sources say MFEW is an integral part of the Army’s electronic warfare system family.

“All our features … when used in tandem — [Terrestrial Layer System-Brigade Combat Team], [Terrestrial Layer System-Echelons Above Brigade], MFEW Air Large — everything is integrated to provide that EW and their cyber effects, “said Deputy Project Manager for Electronic Warfare and Cyber ​​Willy Utoroska in August.

Mark Pomerleau is a C4ISRNET reporter covering information warfare and cyberspace.

https://www.c4isrnet.com/electronic-warfare/2022/01/14/following-procurement-cut-the-army-is-looking-to-add-funding-back-in-2022-for-aerial-jamming-pod/ Following procurement cuts, the Army aims to add funding in 2022 for aerial jamming pods.

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