Follow the transaction flow: why and how Helsinki wants to attract more angel investors from abroad

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The Finnish capital already has a pretty good reputation for the startup and scale-up ecosystem that is home to things like Supercell. Wolt, Rovio and AivenPlaces like Maria 01And of course Slash Meeting / community.

But Helsinki doesn’t intend to leave it alone.

Helsinki Business Hub Investor Services Team Invite investment And-eventually-creating jobs in wider urban areas has so far paid most attention to the scale-up of technology that has already raised significant funding rounds to support its growth. I turned it.

However, especially in these COVID-19 eras, we came to the conclusion that “moving the stack down a little” is a good idea in the medium to long term. Build stronger relationships with early-stage startup founders Early on the journey to grow your business in Helsinki and beyond.

For international angel investors, this means more attention and dedication from the city to identify and ink deals and connect with local investors.

Finland already has a very active angel investor community-Business Angel Group Finland Business Angel Network or FiBAN It alone counts over 650 curated members-but the Helsinki Business Hub is keen to bring more cash and connections to the local startup scene from abroad.

A non-profit organization has been realized Dedicated department, Linda EmerianovTo increase cross-border angel investment in Finnish start-ups.

What the city-owned organization offers to international angel investors is what they need more than anything else. A qualified transaction flow with a unique database built with the help of extensive knowledge and networks of the local startup community.

In addition, the Helsinki Business Hub provides personalized referrals to a variety of early-stage investors, including other angel investors and groups, startup accelerators and incubators.

In addition, the organization organizes the following organizations and events: “Node by slash” (A curated online community of founders and investors built and operated by Slash mentioned above), facilitating bespoke referrals and matchmaking opportunities.

Interested angel investors can contact Linda Emerianov by email. You can contact the Helsinki Business Hub’s Dedicated Venture Advisor at Follow the transaction flow: why and how Helsinki wants to attract more angel investors from abroad

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