Florida woman allegedly beat up children but laughed at man beating children

Escambia County, Florida (WKRG) — After Eric Saggs was charged with aggravated child abuse on Dec. 26A Pensacola woman has been arrested for child neglect for failing to protect seven children involved, according to Pensacola police.

Jakirea Foreman, 31, was charged with child neglect on Dec. 29.

Officers said they responded to Gulf Coast Kids House on November 9, referring to seven children aged 13 months, ages 3, 4 and 6 being abused. 8 years old, 9 years old, 11 years old. Five of his children showed signs of child abuse, according to the arrest report.

On November 14, officials said they went to the Gulf Coast Kids House to observe forensic interviews. Each of the five children reported being whipped with a leather belt or phone charger cord.

Arrest reports say one victim saw Foreman flog another child “many times”. One of her victims says Suggs whips another victim with a white charging cord, and continues, “Jaquilea does nothing but laugh.” On another occasion, a victim said Foreman told another victim that he would “bleed” the next time he did something bad.

Officers said in their arrest report that five of the seven children tested positive for torture and child abuse according to medical examinations conducted at the Gulf Coast Kids House.

“Jaquilea would deliberately flog [redacted] When [redacted] With a belt and a leash,” the officer said in the arrest report. “[Redacted] All stated that while Eric whipped the children with cords and belts, Jaquilea laughed and would not stop Eric. All four children stated that Jaquilea was present on multiple occasions when Eric whipped them with thongs and belts. However, Jaquilea continued to leave Eric with the children and allowed the abuse to continue. I made no effort.

Foreman was held in Escambia County Jail without bail.

PPD does not say whether or how the defendants and their victims are related.

https://www.wkrg.com/northwest-florida/escambia-county/florida-woman-allegedly-beat-children-laughed-as-man-beat-them/ Florida woman allegedly beat up children but laughed at man beating children

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