Florida family catches a man in a video disguised as a utility crew – WKRG News 5

NS. Petersburg, Florida (WFLA) — A Florida family says something seemed wrong when the two men knocked on the door claiming to be at a local utility company.

Home surveillance videos showed that a man who claimed to be with Duke Energy wanted the homeowners in St. Petersburg to open up.

“We don’t sell anything. We need to let people know what’s going on with Duke University’s meters and electricity,” a man said Saturday.

Duke Energy later confirmed to WFLA that there was no one in the area at that time on Saturday night.

Homeowner Steve Smith told WFLA that it seems unusual for workers to appear on Saturday night with five men in plain clothes waiting outside.

“If someone is a predator, I think they will take advantage of all the benefits they can to get what they want,” Smith said.

He felt the situation was shaded from the beginning, so he and his wife contacted the man through the front door and said he was fortunate enough not to open it.

On the other side stood two young men claiming to be from Duke Energy. One of them had a camera and the other three stood near the curb.

“Honestly, I thought it was somewhere between 14 and 20,” Smith said. “Undoubtedly, the man who knocked on the door was at most 22 years old, and everyone else was a teenager.”

The exchange camera footage was shared with the St. Petersburg police and Duke Energy.

Smith immediately called the St. Petersburg police when the man left the night, and officers arrived within nine minutes. They searched the Allendale area but could not find five men.

“It’s good that my wife didn’t open the door. No one knows what happened,” Smith said.

WFLA talked to Duke Energy about employee protocols.

According to Duke, employees always carry official badges and wear uniforms such as company shirts and long trousers. Employees usually do not work on Saturday nights, except in emergencies.

“Be careful,” Smith warned. “Don’t open the door unless you’re expecting someone.”

The man seen in the video is not facing any sin at this time. However, both Duke Energy and St. Petersburg police investigators are investigating the case. Florida family catches a man in a video disguised as a utility crew – WKRG News 5

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