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TAMPA, FL (WFLA) — Only one day left until the November election. WFLA monitors every major election campaign in Florida, whether it can change the balance of power in Washington or change state leadership.

Below, the following six races are on the Watch List for their potential impact on Florida and their representation in the nation’s capital.

Governor: DeSantis vs. Christo

Obviously, the first big race that comes to everyone’s mind is who will be Governor of Florida.Incumbent Ron DeSantis is playing against Charlie Christthe former Republican governor turned Democrat for Florida’s 13th District in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Both candidates have held multiple public offices, and both candidates want votes that lead Florida.

If Christo wins the Democratic seat, he will be able to control state institutions, appointments, and executive policy. If DeSantis retains the governorship, he will stay on the course he has planned. The only piece of speculation on the DeSantis front is whether, if he wins, he’ll stay in office for the full four years or run for president.

This is an issue that has been highlighted throughout the campaign season, Governor’s Sole DebateDespite Christo’s repeated pushes during the debate, DeSantis did not respond or did not respond to the possibility thatIf he wins re-election and chooses to run for president of the United States in 2024, DeSantis will have to resign, ending his term with Lieutenant Governor Jeannette Nuñez at the helm.

US Senate: Rubio vs. Demings

Looking at how Florida is involved in national affairs, the battle for Florida’s U.S. Senate seat is incumbent Republican Marco Rubio has been on the spot since 2011 against U.S. Congressman Val Demings.his Democratic challenger.

The US Senate now sits on the razor’s edge. Democrats have dominated the Senate since her 2020, but the Democratic majority has relied on Vice President Kamala Harris and lengthy negotiations to pass President Joe Biden’s policy agenda. The Vice President has had to take multiple tie-breaker votes when it comes to passing legislation.

Florida’s Senate seat isn’t the only slot that could shift the balance of power in the U.S. Congress, but so far most polls predict a Rubio win. is a little closer to retaining control of the Senate’s majority, but if Rubio maintains his position, the Senate’s already tenuous grasp will become more uncertain.

Agriculture Commissioner: Simpson v. Bremmer

Former Florida gubernatorial candidate and current Florida Agricultural and Consumer Services Commissioner, the race to replace Democrat Nikki Freed has a mix of familiar and unfamiliar faces for residents across the state. .

Outgoing Florida Senate Speaker Wilton Simpson is facing off against Naomi Bremer, the Republican nominee for the Agriculture Committee and Miami businesswoman and Miami-Dade Democratic Executive Committee member.

Simpson is backed by Governor DeSantis, and Bremmer is backed by Miami-Dade Democrat and State Senator Annette Tadeo.

Regarding the impact of the campaign on Florida, Simpson’s campaign website says he used his background as a farmer and long experience in state politics to support veterans, economic freedoms, and the environment. I plan to guide policy as Commissioner, prioritizing protection. Blemur’s Campaign According to his site, Blemur focuses on ending poverty and hunger in the state, gun rights reform, and clean energy, and uses the commissioner’s office as a tool to do so.

Florida Senate District 14: Cruz v. Collins

The state Senate race for the 14th District between incumbent Janet Cruz and Republican challenger Jay Collins is right in Tampa. District 14 covers parts of Hillsborough and Pinellas counties based on the newly created legislative map.

Cruz was previously a State Senator for the 18th District. New maps added new numbers. Collins won the seat and is fighting to rebalance the party’s power in a state legislature that has already distorted the Republican Party.

Despite all Democrats leaving the House during the 2022 special session, Republicans were able to maintain a quorum and secure enough legislators to pass the bill. If Cruz defends his constituency, his power play won’t change much. If Collins wins the seat, he’ll just have another vote on the Republican agenda in Tallahassee.

US House 13th District: Luna vs. Lynn

The election campaign for US District 13 in the St. Petersburg area is a battle for the seat of former US Congressman Christo in Congress. Republican candidate and Air Force veteran Anna Paulina Luna is once again campaigning for the Pinellas district. Her opponent, Eric Lin, is the former National Security Advisor to President Barack Obama.

On the redrawn map of Congress from 2022, districts lean more Republican when it comes to voters. But since 2020, the county has become more conservative.Both candidates have appealed to voters and their results have influenced control of the US House of Representatives.

Depending on who wins, more seats could determine how the House flips and which party takes the lead. As for the national balance of power in Washington, the Democrats have a small majority in control. If Republicans are elected to the House, California Republican Kevin McCarthy will become Speaker of the House and control of the committee will shift.

US House 15th District: Lee vs. Cohn

Another reorganized district, District 15, is also involved in balancing national affairs. If Florida’s former Secretary of State, Laurel Lee, wins this race, the Republican Party will move closer to majority control in Congress.

Combined with the possibility of transferring control of the U.S. Senate as well, Republicans could win both houses of Congress. Doing so could allow Republicans to block President Biden’s agenda until the end of his term, or make compromises even more difficult than they have been in the past two years, as Democratic control is so thin right now.

Democrats currently hold 220 seats in the House of Representatives and Republicans 212. Only 218 seats are needed to overwhelm the House, meaning that for a Democrat to lose his seat he would need to lose 3 seats and Republicans would need to win her 5 seats. . He has three vacancies in Congress ahead of the midterm elections.

The US congressional election in Tampa Bay is just 2 of the 435 seats to be elected or re-elected in Congress. Elections to the House of Representatives are re-elected every two years due to the long term of office of the legislature.

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