First, amateur astronomy discovers the new Jupiter moon before “returning to school”

July 2021 is an unforgettable month for the universe, with 2 billion millionaires achieving extraordinary feats in their private efforts to touch the universe. Now, the much smaller third private project added another praise-a new astronomical discovery.

Jupiter already has about 80 satellites, some of which are still discovered, but this is the first to be discovered by amateur astronomy as compared to professional researchers at institutions and universities such as NASA and ESA. It is a satellite.

The astronomer’s name is Kai Lee, and he is said to be a self-proclaimed hobbyist. Regarding Sky and Telescope, Ly said, “I’m proud to say that this is the first planetary moon discovered by amateur astronomers!”

Before returning to school, Lee pursues astronomy as a summer hobby.

Ly’s findings have been submitted and will be published in academic journals. The new Jupiter Moon, now designated EJc0061, was clicked by NASA in 2003 and was only believed to be a cluster of space rock.

However, the cluster is actually composed of 28-mile-wide asteroids trapped in Jupiter’s orbit, orbiting around the planet, with 23 rock fragments reportedly broken from it.

Years of observation from various telescopes have allowed Ly to “discover, quantify, and confirm” the orbit of the Moon around Jupiter.

Last year, Kylie rediscovered Jupiter’s four lost moons. First, amateur astronomy discovers the new Jupiter moon before “returning to school”

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