Fincantieri discusses acquisition of Leonardo’s naval artillery business

Rome-Italy shipyard Fincantieri has made early negotiations with Leonardo of Italy to acquire the naval artillery manufacturing business formerly known as Oto Melara.

If the contract is signed, Fincantieri will be responsible for the production of the 76mm and 127mm guns built by Leonardo, mounted on warships and widely exported worldwide.

After the Italian newspaper Il Secolo XIX first reported the negotiations, a source familiar with the negotiations told Defense News that “there are negotiations, but they are in the very early stages.”

The production of Leonardo’s naval artillery and ground turrets was formerly known as Oto Melara. This is the company that Leonardo owned when he was called Finmechanica. Today, the business is part of Leonardo’s defense, electronics and security divisions.

The final transaction between the two Italian state-owned enterprises is Fincantieri A campaign to expand business beyond the construction of the Navy, cargo ships and cruise ships.

In January, the company won a contract of about 100 million euros to supply equipment to the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER), an international program aimed at building an experimental fusion reactor capable of producing an infinite amount of clean energy. Did.

The company previously worked on the construction of a new road bridge in Genoa, Italy, replacing the Ponte Morandi, which collapsed in 2018 and killed 43 people.

In 2018, Fincantieri sought to acquire the Italian tech company Vitrociset, which is working on the F-35 program, but only because Leonardo was the first to acquire the company.

Both Fincantieri and Leonardo refused to comment on reports of negotiations on a deal on the production of naval artillery, but one industry source bought it because Fincantieri worked so closely with Leonardo in this area. Said that it would go smoothly.

The deal could exclude the production of Leonardo’s armored vehicle and tank turrets, which were once under the jurisdiction of Oto Melara and are now grouped into a joint venture between Leonardo and the Italian car maker Iveco. there is.

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