FINAL FANTASY VII: First Soldier is a classic RPG treated as Fortnite

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Sorcerers have the special ability to enhance MP recovery for more regular attacks (and healing spells), and rangers reload their guns faster than others. It also has very useful evaluation skills to mark surrounding threats even when you are outside. Sight.

Each way of playing is a little different, but both soldiers and monks suffer from having to resort to melee attacks for their advantage, but there is a pleasant balance between the different roles.

Let me say this clearly.You should play First soldier With game pad. Fortunately, I’m testing Backbone, a third-party connectivity controller for the iPhone. So I was already in a good place to aim at guns and spells. Magical casting control is a bit tedious. You need to hold down the L trigger and press another color button to unleash one of the three spells you picked up. These melee attacks of all job classes, whether using gamepads or touch controls, are extremely difficult to land on enemies. Hopefully, developers will be able to manipulate melee attacks as the game progresses.

This means that in a fairly non-Final Fantasy way, you will become dependent on your gun for most of your killings. But hey, getting that sniper’s headshot kill is a thrill. Defeat other players and monsters, open chests, survive rounds and level up your character throughout the match itself. This will increase attack damage and increase HP. In other words, it needs to last a long time. It also rewards active play and exploration, as well as trying to survive to the final area.

As you can expect from a battle royale game that you can play for free, there is a Season Pass available for purchase. These provide skins, banners, emotes and other cosmetics for aspiring soldiers. Even if you don’t have a pass, you can still get some rewards by meeting the “rank” criteria during battle. Earn stars and level up your rank. This has nothing to do with leveling up individual job ranks. This will give you access to wardrobe options and chocobo-growing items. I’m currently wearing a Moogle hat, say hello.

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Yes, there is also a chocobo breeding mini-game embedded inside The first soldier, As a very convenient transportation option, you can summon your favorite Steed to battle. However, this is not the only way to speed up the level. There are also cars and bicycles that enter the battle arena. The shrinking arena will damage people outside your surroundings, but you can continue to use potions and healing spells, and hopefully be safe.

The only downside that grows as I play is the fact that leveling up doesn’t have a specific impact on game performance. This is true for most battle royale games. The attraction is that each new battle is unaffected by the previous round, but then chases these targets (playing 2 rounds as a warrior, dealing 300 points of damage with a shotgun, and Corneo’s. Visit the mansion). What exactly is the point?

For now, the point is that the first soldier skirmishes are interesting, and the difficulty curve isn’t that cruel. I won a few rounds out of 75 players and finished second several times.A colleague told me that early iterations of battle royale games are often full of bots to pull out numbers (and provide some encouragement early wins), I do so No Let him rob me of this little victory.

Hopefully Square Enix has plans to offer more levels, weapons and events to liven up it. There are limited edition bosses throughout the Midgar level. I was able to make two of them the best, but many times I was defeated by Tonberry, the infamous and powerful monster of the FINAL FANTASY series. Maybe I should try to fight him as a ninja …

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