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FBI developing new data center strategy

The FBI has begun work on a new contract to help integrate various data centers into a cloud-based setup.

Released by agency Request for information June 7th will discuss the scope and goals of the contract, at least currently called the FBI IT Professional Engineering Services. The deadline for reply is June 21st.

According to Deltek, this agreement replaces the agreement held by ECS Federal.

But this is not a simple re-competition. The FBI wants to shift its data center infrastructure to a platform as a service. This agreement gives the FBI the professional contractor staff needed for the transition. Services include engineering and design, installation, configuration, patching, updating, and repair of hosting platforms.

The contractor also needs to document each system, including inventory and confirmation settings. The contractor also needs to coordinate with the application owner to migrate the system.

The FBI seems to be considering making a single ruling on the contract. They are looking at metrics that give higher ratings for technical services, followed by key personnel, transition plans, and finally pricing.

The RFI also shows that this is a three-year contract, with a one-year basis followed by two one-year options.

Contributor Nick Wakeman on June 10, 2021 so 7:31 am FBI develops new data center strategy –Washington Technology

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