Fast Charge: 2021’s largest mobile development

Opinion: From the iPad Pro with the M1 to Samsung’s collapsible focus, 2021 is packed with mobile innovation and development.

Twelve months have passed in the tech world, and the impact of Covid-19 is certainly still felt, along with a global chip shortage. However, innovation remains, and 2021 will be packed with upgrades and improvements for all kinds of mobile technologies.

But what caught our eyes the most? Let’s take a look.

The iPad is much more powerful now … but why?

The iPad Pro hasn’t undergone a major redesign this year (rumors say it will be available in 2022), but it has a new chip. Instead of building a chip specifically for high-end tablets Apple picked up the M1 From MacBook Air and iMac 24.5 inches iPad Pro.. On paper, the movement was impressive.

And yes, by benchmarking, the iPad Pro is a true powerhouse. It’s a shame that iPadOS software doesn’t fully utilize all available power supplies and all RAM. Maybe iOS 16 will bring the answer?

Samsung gets the foldable phone correctly

2021 was a big year for clamshell mobile phones. Not necessarily in terms of the load on the new model, but in terms of how much it has improved.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 Half Open
Galaxy Z Fold 3

Samsung is now heavyweight in this small sector, and the two foldable phones released this year were a really great improvement over both of its predecessors. They were also the first two foldable phones that would certainly be willing to recommend to those who are willing to pay high entry prices.

Durable for major upgrades.both Z fold 3 And that Z flip 3 The first water resistant foldable, they also have a stronger structure. With these small changes, you can easily incorporate your phone into your normal daily life.

Google finally redesigns Android

Google announced Android 12 At the May I / O conference, we announced a new era of software. At least that’s the idea.

Android 12 is the first major redesign of software in years. The Material You feature allows you to customize your software much more than ever before by pulling colors from your wallpaper and injecting them into newly designed widgets and other UI elements.

We don’t yet know how many of these Android 12 elements will be migrating to other brands of software, but at least the Pixel looks new.

Google Pixel 6 and Google Pixel 6 Pro
Google Pixel 6 and Google Pixel 6 Pro

.. and includes its own chipset inside the Pixel 6

Google has Android 12 Pixel 6, But it also installed the latest flagship device with a chipset based on its own design. The tensor The SoC marked it with the Pixel 6 Pixel 6 Pro It excels in machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI). Functions like a magic eraser are made possible by these advances.

The focus on AI can be found elsewhere and is highly advertised with new ones. Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 Chipset.

It feels like Apple has finally matched many of the best Android smartphones and was waiting to add a 120Hz display to the iPhone, but this year it’s finally happening.

As with the iPad Pro line, the latest iPhone 13 Pro The model is the first Apple phone to boast promotion A display that can adapt the refresh rating according to the task at hand. It’s a small detail of a grand plan of things, but smoother scrolling and more responsive games are hard to throw away.

Portable Snapdragon G3x Gen 1 for games

Qualcomm is chasing the switch

Qualcomm held its annual Tech Summit in Hawaii at the beginning of December. This was an event full of launch and discussion points. Of course, there was a new flagship chipset that powers most of 2022’s flagship Android phones, and an updated chip for ultra-portable 5G laptops.

But our attention is Snapdragon G3x, A chip designed to power portable Android consoles like the Nintendo Switch. Qualcomm unveiled a prototype device built by Razer, highlighting the types of devices equipped with this chip.

This is certainly something to watch out for in 2022, and it’s certainly exciting to see what’s waiting. Fast Charge: 2021’s largest mobile development

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