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Mobile, Alabama (WKRGMore) — Faith Time is our weekly conversation on matters of faith. Rosh Hashanah begins at sunset. We wanted to talk about Jewish tradition. Specifically, what does it mean to be kosher?

Guest: Kosher is a Hebrew word that means suitable for use. For example, if people wear prayer shawls during worship, the fringe cords must be tied in a very specific way. In Rosh Hashanah he is blasted by the horn of Rams. There should be no serious and deep cracks in the Jewish New Year. The scriptures of the Torah scrolls must be written in a certain way. Otherwise, it is not kosher for the leader of the service to read it during the service.

Kosher means suitable for use. So thinking about it and talking about kosher food made me realize how profound food must be. It is prepared in a specific way so that it can be eaten by Jews. That’s an important thought.

Anker: And why is this diet important?

Guest: It maintains our identity. First and foremost. It dates back to ancient times, the time of the Torah, 3000 years ago.

And then there are some factors. There are two or three elements that have developed over 3000 years. The first factor is that only certain animals are kosher suitable for Jewish consumption.

The second is that we respect all life, human life and animal life, so we do not consume blood, our life force.

So when a particular animal is kosher and we are allowed to consume it, it must be slaughtered in a particular way and the blood removed. The third human element developed much later, only about 2000 years ago, and it goes on to separate meat and dairy during food preparation and serving.

Anchor: What do you like about this exercise?

Guest: Every time I put a fork into my mouth on a plate of food, I am very attentive. I am conscious that I am not only respecting animal life through the lens of my tradition, but that I am identified with his ancestors over 3000 years ago. it is sacred. it is holy to God.

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