Facebook’s latest efforts to reduce leaks were quickly leaked

Facebook is stepping up its fight against leakers with the disclosure of whistleblower Frances Haugen.according to New York Times, Facebook To some internal groups dealing with “sensitive” issues such as security and elections. The immediate leak of changes made to prevent further leaks is very interesting and symbolizes some of the bigger problems the company is currently facing.

Since Hogen As a whistleblower, one of the more notable aspects of her story is that the documents she provided to Congress and the Securities and Exchange Commission were widely accessible to employees.The document contained a slide detailing the company’s survey of teens. , And numerous notes about how the company handled it For VIP And other annoying problems.

NS Times He points out that the reason these documents became readily available was because Facebook had a long-standing open culture of facilitating sharing. Employees often also visit Workplace, an internal communication platform, to discuss the controversial issues facing the company.

But now, social networks are moving away from their openness. According to the report, the company has kept some internal groups private and plans to remove employees who are “working unrelated to safety and security.” “Discussion about confidentiality will take place in a closed, carefully selected forum in the future,” the company told employees in a memo.

On the other hand, the fact that the news of the change was leaked quickly seems to confirm that the company is actually leaking more than in the last few years. However, it may also indicate anxiety among employees.

It also emphasizes how much Facebook is still moving from Haugen’s disclosure.In addition to last week’s Senate hearing, Hogen is expected With a special committee investigating the January 6 riots Investigate the company. SEC too Her claim.

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