Facebook will shut down the podcast service on June 3rd

Facebook’s podcast service is disappearing just a year after its launch.The parent company’s meta is Bloomberg Quit podcasting, Soundbites, and its popular audio hub. As of this week, podcasters will no longer be able to add shows to Facebook and will be permanently removed on June 3rd. The hub and sound bite will be closed in the “next few weeks” and the live audio room will be integrated into Facebook Live.

A meta spokesperson characterized this movement as a matter of concentration. According to representatives, this move will help Meta “focus on the most meaningful experiences.”

There was a hint that in the last few weeks Meta has lost interest in podcasts and is shifting its focus to hotter products such as Facebook’s main feed and Instagram reels. A Meta spokeswoman said there was a good response to the audio service. Bloomberg In mid-April, but media sources said they were more interested in emphasizing the Metaverse and shopping when social media companies talked to their podcast partners. Simply put, Meta’s interest in conquering rivals like AR, VR, and TikTok may have distracted from the audio.

Facebook is also fiercely competing in the voice-only area. Operators of podcast apps like Apple and Spotify were already a big threat, but in 2021 they were flooded with efforts to imitate Clubhouse. Meta had to compete with Facebook services such as Twitter Spaces and Reddit Talk. Even with the free access to well-known names and vast resources, there was no guarantee that Facebook would stand out in this market.

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