Facebook protects certain celebrities, politicians, and prominent users from some of its rules: Report

The Wall Street Journal reported on Monday that Facebook has exempted certain celebrities, politicians, and other prominent users from its own rules for posting as part of a program launched as a quality control mechanism.

Called “Crosscheck” or “XCheck,” this program protects millions of elite users from the following rules: Facebook Reports citing internal documents claim that it applies equally to social networks.

Facebook spokesman Andy Stone defended the program in a series of tweets, but said social media giants are aware that rule enforcement is “not perfect.”

“There are no two systems of justice. It’s an attempt to protect against mistakes,” Stone tweeted in response. Journal report..

“We know that our enforcement is not perfect and there is a trade-off between speed and accuracy.”

This article cites examples of posts from celebrities, including those from soccer stars. Neymar I’m raping him and then showing a nude image of a woman deleted by Facebook.

The double standard for content moderation would violate the guarantee Facebook gave to an independent committee established as the ultimate arbitrator of disputes over what is allowed to post on major social networks. ..

“NS Supervisory board He has repeatedly expressed concerns about Facebook’s lack of transparency in the content moderation process, especially the inconsistent management of its high-profile accounts. “

According to a Journal article, some users are “whitelisted” protected from coercion, but may not be able to review potentially problematic content.

“Whitelisted” accounts are Hillary Clinton Covering the “pedophile’s ring”, and the then president Donald Trump According to the journal, all refugees seeking asylum were called “animals.”

The report shows that XCheck has grown to include at least 5.8 million users in 2020.

Facebook said in a cross-check post three years ago that it can’t prevent profiles, pages, or content from being removed, but “it’s just done to make sure our decision is correct.” Stated.

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