Facebook leaks show internal turmoil over approaches to conservative content

Facebook has been criticized for a long time Play favorites It is clear on multiple aspects of the political spectrum, and now how much of that turmoil extends to the ranks of the company. leak NS The Wall Street Journal Facebook leaders and staff reportedly have conservative content, especially Breitbart.. Rank and File employees accused Facebook of making a “special exception” from the right-wing outlet policy, and senior-level staff warned of potential pitfalls.

Workers claimed to have been maintained by Facebook Breitbart In the second layer of News tabA section aimed at focusing on credible news, despite very low reliability and quality scores and false information violations. According to one employee, Facebook not only makes exceptions, but also “explicitly” approves such retailers by including them as trusted partners. Staff argue that Facebook is “afraid of political backlash” if Facebook enforces the policy equally, disseminating false information to the site’s conservative influencers Diamond and Silk’s lobby fact checkers. I believed that I had avoided the punishment.

Senior management countered the justification of these decisions. They argued that launching a news outlet for a confidence score risks launching more mainstream outlets such as: CNN, for example.When staff asks to intervene on Facebook BreitbartThe director said Facebook needs to resist the urge and “depend on our principles and policies.”

Facebook journalMaintain limited access to low-quality materials to “improve people’s experiences,” not due to political trends.A spokeswoman investigated Facebook before implementing the impact of potential changes, and publishers Breitbart The requirements for respecting the rules for misinformation and malicious language are still met.

Revelation will not satisfy people on either side of America’s political spectrum.Liberals may be concerned that Facebook has deliberately allowed the spread of completely false claims that have turned badly, but the right wing has done so. Claim anti-conservative bias.. However, insights reveal a more contradictory approach to the material.They also emphasize the importance of automatically intended tools Limit the reach of incorrect information — Minimize internal debate by suppressing fake news with less human input.

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