Facebook is losing popularity among teens

In March, a group of researchers produced a report for internal use. Facebook.. According to a recent survey, the company’s service has been losing popularity among teenagers for years.

It turns out that US teenagers spend 16% less time in the Facebook ecosystem compared to last year, and older people also start spending 5% less time on social networks. In addition, the number of new adolescents registering online is declining. It was also found that by 2000, US residents created accounts on the network between the ages of 19 and 20. According to the latest data, Facebook’s social networks include people long after the age of 24 or 25. Even if it were, he was old.

Analysis of internal collections of documents shows that young people spend less time on social networks, fewer and fewer people create Facebook accounts among the younger generation, and many new teenage accounts are created by existing users. It was shown to be a duplicate. Fewer posts will be generated by the user himself. At the same time, researchers cannot give an accurate answer as to why services are becoming less popular and how existing trends can be overcome.

According to Facebook spokesman Joe Osborne, the company’s products are still widely used by teens, but competition with services such as Snapchat and TikTok has long been fierce.

Facebook is losing popularity among teens

Facebook has been losing popularity among American teens, at least since early 2016. So-called to create products focused on young people. A team of teens engaged in the development of new solutions. However, according to Michael Seyman, who has been on the team since the age of 18, “the whole company was trying to understand the generation it didn’t belong to.”

Despite such attempts, statistics show that teenagers are increasingly not using their accounts more aggressively. Studies show that the company does not give young people a compelling reason to join social networks. In a recent study of young people’s use of social networking sites, Facebook ranked first in only one category. “Get information about local events and communicate with local people.”

It was also found that adolescents themselves could prevent the increase in user numbers. According to the company, they have a strong influence on younger brothers’ Internet preferences. Who copies their behavior patterns, for example, what and how often they post on Instagram. Losing interest in Facebook can deprive teens of the next generation of interest in Facebook.

We know it in august Ticktaku Bypassed Facebook compared to last year’s results for the same period. It has become the most downloaded social media application. Facebook is losing popularity among teens

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