Facebook has introduced a new policy to protect public figures from targeted harassment

Facebook has introduced a new policy to protect users from online bullying and director The company said it would withdraw a group-coordinated harassment campaign for individuals at high risk of offline harm, according to a person responsible for Safety Antigone Davis. Do so even if the content people post usually does not violate its safety guidelines. In addition, Facebook states that it will remove all forms of offensive content, including direct messages, comments and posts. As part of the same policy, the company will remove state-linked networks that work together to silence and harass people.

If the above policy had been implemented in the past, one of the situations Facebook could have implemented was when Taylor Swift’s Instagram account was attacked with the following snake emoji. Dramatic division with electronic producer Calvin Harris.. Speaking of celebrities, the company has also introduced new protections to protect public figures from sexual harassment and shame on appearance. To that end, we plan to remove these personalized sexualized profiles, pages, and groups. It also covers “serious sexual content” such as images and pictures taken in Photoshop.

“We made these changes because such attacks could use the appearance of public figures as a weapon. This is unnecessary and often has nothing to do with the work these public figures represent.” Said the company. Facebook also provides additional protection for individuals who have become involuntarily famous. They may include individuals such as journalists and human rights activists.

Facebook is repeatedly faced with the pressure to do more to prevent bullying and harassment in all apps, especially Instagram.In the aftermath of the Euro 2020 final I saw 3 black players Faced with a flood of harassment after England’s defeat to Italy, Instagram head Adam Mosseri promised the company to do so Introducing new features■ Protect users. “There is no racism or hate speech on Instagram,” he said at the time. “It’s not only honestly messed up to see people treated that way, it also breaks Instagram’s mechanics.”

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