Facebook executives tease VR prototype hardware with new photos

Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook’s virtual reality lead, Soon to become CTO Andrew Bosworth (or “Boz”) is playing with prototype VR (or AR) technology and wants to show it off.Both executives have Post your own photo Wear a prototype headset Link the concept to Facebook work on Metaverse.. There’s no guarantee that the headset they’re wearing will be a real retail product, but it’s an interesting view of what’s happening at Facebook’s virtual reality lab.

The headset worn by Zuckerberg is The company’s Oculus headset.. However, he identifies it as “retinal resolution” and borrows Apple’s phrase for screens with pixel densities that are too high to identify individual points at normal working distances. The headset worn by Boz has a more attractive design. Frankly, it looks almost the same. Apple rumored VR headset drawing and description.. Other than Zuckerberg’s vague “retina” comment, there’s basically no detail, even if it’s a mockup of a headset type, feature, or non-functional design.

Given that this is not a product announcement from Facebook, this is probably what you would expect.While the company is releasing a pair of Smart (and screenless) RayvanFacebook’s Virtual Reality Lab calls it a step on the road to “perfect augmented reality glasses,” but it also makes fun of many prototypes that probably won’t hit the market.It includes such Awesome eye projection headset, NS Research-focused Aria AR glasses,and VR glasses proof-of-concept set (Displays the virtual world instead of expanding the real world). Boz and Zuckerberg seem to sell the Metaverse concept rather than pitching headsets. According to the company, this is a virtual world that could be the next version of the Internet.Check it out if you want to dig deeper into what exactly it means Great explainer of my colleague..

If you’re looking for a real next-generation headset, it might be worth keeping an eye on HTC’s recently leaked Vive Flow headset. Cheerfully, one of HTC’s Vive executives replied to Boz asking if he could replace the prototype headset with a hot, factory-shipped headset. Boz declined the offer. Facebook executives tease VR prototype hardware with new photos

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