Facebook and Instagram are now rewarding creators

The Creator Economy is a broad and vibrant industry that embraces a large number of creators around the world, partnering with brands, selling unique products, earning money from supporters and earning some of the revenue from advertising on social media platforms. Has evolved into. Facebook and Instagram are at the forefront of the industry, and the latest updates released by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg give Facebook and Instagram creators more monetization options.

At the Creator Week event, Zuckerberg said he wanted Instagram and Facebook to be the best platform for creators to make money, tell stories, grow and make a living. He promised that Facebook would help creators and provide new ways for them to reach their goals, including how Instagram influencers earn fees from the online sales they promote.

“We’re proud of the progress we’ve made, but it’s only a small part, and there’s more we can do to support creators around the world. Today, we’re creators across our platform. We are announcing new ways to help you make a living when building your personal brand, “Facebook said in an official statement.

One of the new monetization tools for creators is affiliate tools. With this tool, Instagram creators can find new products available at checkout, share them with their followers, and earn commissions on purchased products. In the coming months, we plan to test with a small group of US-based creators and businesses such as Benefit, Kopari, MAC, Pat McGrath Labs, and Sephora.

Affiliate posts from creators featuring tagged products can be easily identified by the “commissioned” notification at the top, making it easier for people to shop directly from their favorite creators and brand new. We can provide a way to partner with our partners. Reward creators who share products.

In addition, for creators with their own product line, Instagram has simplified the process of adding an existing shop or opening a new shop in your personal profile. In addition to your business profile, you can now link your shop to your personal profile to view and sell your products directly (this feature was rolled out globally after the announcement). You can also launch a new shop and link your account to one of Instagram’s four product partners (Bravado / UMG, Fanjoy, Represent, Spring). According to Facebook, this feature will be rolled out to qualified creators in the United States by the end of the year.

If that’s not the only thing, creators can earn additional payments by achieving certain milestones with badges (on Instagram Live) and stars (in the form of free stars on Facebook). The latest updates include the ability for supporters to buy multiple badges during Instagram’s live stream, testing the ability for fans to star in recorded content, and expanding stars into nine new markets. I will.

Milestones that creators need to complete to earn more are livestreamed to Instagram on another account, broadcast a specific number of hours, and earn a set number of stars within the time period specified on Facebook. And so on. Stars Challenge.

About Creator Week

Creator Week is virtually engaging thousands of creators – primarily in the aspiring and emerging categories – with a programming schedule that is designed to help them build their careers and personal brand, support their wellbeing, and connect them with their peers. The three-day event is host to creator meetups, DJs in residence, interactive workshops, and other surprises to help creators build sustainable careers and businesses on Instagram and Facebook. Facebook and Instagram are now rewarding creators

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