Extreme CEO talks about AI, automation, chip shortage

Extreme Networks is one of the strongest quarters in 25 years of history, with double-digit year-over-year revenue growth and four consecutive quarters of growth. Extreme Networks goes to parties with big bets on automation, AI and cloud management.

Extreme Networks

Extreme CEO Ed Meyercord

Timing is everything, and enterprise customers want to reduce network complexity and manage their environment, which is hitting the cloud networking trend. Extreme CEO Ed Meyercord..

“Companies are rethinking their network architecture after adding remote users and devices in response to COVID-related changes from last year. The cloud is an ideal way to address these changes.” Said Meyercord.

For Extreme, we hope that our flagship ExtremeCloud IQ (XIQ) management platform, which has increased subscription rates by 122% over the past year, will help continue to grow our enterprise-class customer network. “As the second largest cloud-based networking vendor, we currently manage 1.6 million devices at XIQ,” said Meyercord. We will continue to enhance XIQ and other components with AI, ML, and automation.

According to Meyercord, automation is important because it brings efficiency to the management of IT infrastructure. The idea is to automate the response to the number of multiple alerts and alarms that IT must handle and the tons of time it takes to handle them manually.

According to Gartner, automation and super-automation have gained serious use. Research and consulting firms Super-automated market reaches $ 596.6 billion In 2022, it is projected to increase from $ 481.6 billion in 2020 to $ 532.4 billion earlier this year.

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