Everything you know about Halo Infinite’s free multiplayer is here.

343 industry I got a glimpse of Halo Infinite’s free multiplayer for the first time Get more information on how the weapon, armor, and sandbox experience works in yesterday’s mode. Halo Infinite Will be available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, and PC later this year, allowing friends to play free multiplayer mode on multiple platforms using cross-play and cross-progression.

Free multiplayer mode also includes a battle pass that doesn’t expire after purchase. I don’t know the price of the Battle Pass yet, Halo Infinite Players can purchase an old Season Pass and choose a Battle Pass that emphasizes direction of travel.

343 Industries is heavily committed to customizing armor, weapons and vehicles without using random routes or loot boxes. The Battle Pass provides armor and perhaps more. Halo Infinite Players can also play to gain customizations, such as customizing the character’s voice and adding prostheses.

Halo Infinite armor customization.
Image: 343 Industries


Ryan Paradis, Live Design Director at 343 Industries, explains: Armor customization includes a variety of coatings, emblems, effects, and all typical armor parts such as shoulders, gloves, kneepads, helmets, and visors.

Weapons also include a variety of customizations, and vehicles also have customization options. Players can customize each item in-game or through the Halo Waypoint website or mobile app.

Many customizations are unlocked by playing the game, but only by playing. All customizations are purely superficial and introduce a new look that players can collect each season. 343 Industries has not revealed whether different sets of armor have different sets of forces.

Halo Infinite grappling hook.


Classic Hello Weapons such as assault rifles, battle rifles, gravity hammers, needlers, plasma pistols, and even sticky plasma grenades are back. There are a variety of heavy weapons, some of which can be taken out of the vehicle with a trailer. Dual wield is not supported at launch, but 343 Industries I’m not completely eliminating it..

343 Industries reveals how combat works Halo Infinite.Equipment is back Halo Infinite, New grappling hooks can be used for tactical play and combined with other equipment to achieve your goals. Grappling hooks can also be used for mobility to quickly move around the map and grab weapons and throwable objects. Other players can pick up items such as overshields during play and even choose when to use them instead of instant activation.


Vehicles are a big part of the battle arena. Halo InfiniteThe new Razorback vehicle can carry additional weapons at the rear and is designed to be a cousin of the classic Warthog.Desert Warthog will be available at Halo Infinite, And this is part of some vehicles delivered by Pelican instead of spawning at the base.Weapon pod like Hello 2 It will also drop during the battle for supply on the day.

However, there are risks associated with using a car. Desert warthog wheels are blown away by damage and the vehicle can ignite when certain damage thresholds are exceeded. In other words, you need to choose when to throw your car wisely.

Halo Infinite vehicle.

Academy and training

For the first time HelloThere is also an academy mode to familiarize yourself with the look, feel and terminology of the game. Halo Infinite Uses bots in different training and tutorial areas and has different difficulty levels so they can also be used as training partners.

This area is a different map than the environment you saw on the trailer. It’s not yet clear how many maps will be available in Halo Infinite, but we’ve seen both outdoor and indoor maps that offer a variety of close quarters combat, distance, and vehicle use.

So Halo Infinite Is launched simultaneously on your PC and Xbox, and cross-play and cross-progression are included at startup. On the Xbox Series X, Arena mode supports up to 120fps, and on the PC side, it supports ultra-wide monitors, triple key bindings, advanced graphics options, and other customizations.

343 Industries hasn’t elaborated on how to plan the balance between the cross-play controller and the mouse and keyboard, but the ranked parts of the game will be input-based matchmaking.There are others in the studio Commit to server-side anti-cheat systemThis includes discovering hackers based on in-game behavior.

Halo Infinite Released in the fall on Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, and PC. A “Technical Preview” will be available later this summer. Sign up for the Halo Waypoint site This is your chance to access. Everything you know about Halo Infinite’s free multiplayer is here.

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