Evernote Has Been Acquired — Here’s How New Owners Can Fix It

For a while Evernote was on top of the world. California note-taking apps rode the tech productivity boom of the 2000s to become leaders in their field.but then it fell from grace, will be slow, buggy and expensive. Users abandoned the platform and flooded other note-taking apps.

And it looks like more changes are on the way. January 3rd, Evernote’s sale to Italian company Bending Spoons is finally confirmed.

On the one hand, this could be a concern for the rest of the users. Evernote is no longer an independent company. This means that the current direction can change significantly. But on the other hand… okay?

I was an Evernote user for nearly a decade, until I switched last year. Things were made worse with bloated, slow, and unwieldy software. so i turned to the bearis a streamlined and beautiful app.

Thanks to new owners, Evernote is off to a fresh start.The bending spoon is already A suite of consumer apps Modern, powerful and intuitive, you have to trust the Italian company to use its expertise to shape the new Evernote.

The question is what it should do. How can Bending Spoon restore Evernote to its former glory? Well, we have some ideas.

Speeding up the Evernote app

This is one of the main reasons I left Evernote. Although I used and liked some of the app’s features ( web clipping When document scan), the main reason I used Evernote was for notes.

Write and search speeds were acceptable on desktop, but the same was not true on mobile devices.

If Bending Spoons wants Evernote to shine again, making the range of apps as fast as possible would be a good start.