European user data shared with advertisers 376 times per day

Data about the average European Internet user, such as geographic location and what you are reading online Advertiser According to the latest report from the Irish Citizens’ Freedom Council (ICCL), there are 376 data brokers per day.

For US users, this number jumps to 747 times a day.

According to the ICCL report [pdf]Real-time bidding (RTB), an online advertising targeting industry that analyzes the personal information of Internet users, sends about 178 trillion times of information to third-party companies each year in the United States and Europe alone.

The online behavior and whereabouts of Internet users in the United States are tracked and shared 107 trillion times a year, while European data is shared 71 trillion times a year.

“RTB is the largest data breach ever recorded,” says ICCL.

“It tracks and shares what people see online and the actual location 294 billion times in the United States and 197 billion times daily in Europe.”

According to the report, the numbers reported for RTB broadcasts are low estimates.

“Real-time bidders (RTBs) are an industry of over $ 117 billion that runs behind the scenes of websites and apps. Track what you’re looking at, whether private or confidential, and wherever you go. I will record it, “says ICCL.

According to the ICCL report, Google and Microsoft are the largest RTB companies in the world. Index Exchange, PubMatic and Magnate are other important players.

The numbers in the ICCL report do not include the numbers for the two advertising giants Meta and Amazon. The data was taken from a 30-day Google feed. That data will be available to the industry, but not to the general public.

Google, the largest player in the RTB ecosystem, allows 4,698 companies to receive RTB data about U.S.-based users, but Microsoft says it could send similar data to 1,647 companies. I am saying.

According to the report, Google sends 19.6 million broadcasts per minute on the online behavior of German Internet users.

Personal data of Internet users in Europe and the United States is sent to businesses around the world, including China and Russia, but there is no way to know what is happening in these countries.

For many years Privacy campaign officials have expressed concern Regarding RTB, especially in Europe, there are rules in place to prevent such systematic misuse of people’s data.

Dr. Johnny Ryan, Senior Fellow of ICCL, is now Irish Data Protection Commission (DPC) High Court accuses regulators of not working for years on RTB complaints.

In a complaint, Ryan expressed concern that Google and the IAB Europe RTB system would involve unauthorized, potentially unlimited sharing and processing of personal data.

In many cases, he believes Google and IAB violate EUGDPR.

The ICCL also complained to the EU ombudsman about its failure to properly oversee the enforcement of the law and urged the EU ombudsman to begin investigating the opposition European Commission’s allegations earlier this year. European user data shared with advertisers 376 times per day

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