European Innovation Council to fund 78 more startups

As part of the European Innovation Council (EIC) Accelerator Program for 2022, the European Commission will Selected 78 startups and SMEs will receive up to €470 million in funding.

Depending on their needs, each company will receive grants and/or equity investments of up to €17.5 million.

The latter is nowfull operationafter the Luxembourg-based appointment Alter Domus As an external fund manager to streamline and avoid the equity payment process past delays.

The companies selected span 17 EU and EEA countries, in addition to Israel and the UK.

Among them, 17% of startups and SMEs are located in Germany, 14% in the Netherlands and 12% in France and Spain. Together these countries account for 53% of the total selection.

Below is a detailed graph of the number of companies selected for each country.