Europe has invested $ 47 billion in 38 EV battery Gigafactory

With EV sales skyrocketing, Europe is trying to increase its domestic battery production capacity rather than relying entirely on Asian countries such as China, Japan and South Korea, which are now the world’s leading manufacturers.

As of May 2021 According to, 38 Battery Cell Gigafactory is being built or planned in Europe and the UK Latest report According to the non-governmental organization Transport & Environment.

Of the 38 projects, 17 have been funded to date, with an estimated up to $ 30 billion among them. This amount consists of both private and public funding, including, for example, the Tesla Gigafactory in Berlin, which received $ 1.4 billion in support from the German federal and state governments.

The other 10 projects have secured partial funding and support, accounting for at least $ 16.8 billion in potential investment.These include a number of key national projects in Europe battery Autonomy, especially Verkor in France, Britishvolt in the UK, Italianvolt in Italy, Basquevolt-Nabatt in Spain, Freyr in Norway.

In addition, 11 Gigafactory have recently been announced, but still lack a solid commitment to location, planned capacity, and investment.

What’s the good news? If all 38 Gigafactory passes, it is possible that 462 GWh worth of battery cells will be produced in 2025 and 1,144 GWh in 2030. This is 13 times the current supply of 87 GWh in Europe in 2021. By 2025, it would be the fifth largest battery producer in the world and the second largest after China.

However, the factory’s estimated total output of 1100 GWh will allow Europe to power more than 90% of all new car sales by 2030, but the slowdown in electric vehicle sales poses a serious opportunity to become a global leader. I risk it.

This means that CO2 emission targets need to be continuously raised to encourage automakers to expand EV production and sales by the same year.

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