EU asks big tech companies to label AI-generated content ‘immediately’

The EU is urging big tech companies to adopt new ways of working AI Disinformation: Label.

The coalition wants online platforms to mark photos, videos and texts generated by AI, a senior official said Monday.

“Labeling should happen now,” he said. European Commission Vice-President Bela euroba, per DW.

The call comes at a time of explosive growth in synthetic media. Chat GPT have Nominated While the fastest growing consumer application of all time, the rise of image generators has provoked allegations It means “art is dead”. euroba Warns that “bad actors” may use these services to spread fake news.

EU imminent AI law The aim is to reduce risk, but regulatory compliance is unlikely to be mandated by 2026.In the meantime, the union Voluntary Code of Conduct on Disinformation. Including tech giants Google, Meta, Microsoft and TikTok have all signed up for this code. Jourova now wants all companies to stamp synthetic content on their platforms.

“Signatories with services that may disseminate AI-generated disinformation should deploy technology to recognize such content and clearly label it to users,” she said. rice field.

But her demands can be ambitious. Since the disinformation policy is purely voluntary, signers are under no obligation to comply, and those who attempt to do so face significant obstacles.

To detect and mark all synthetic media in real time, platforms must overcome enormous technical challenges. Further, those labels can be mistaken, edited, attacked, manipulated, or counterfeited.

But Julova said Google has already expressed confidence it can deliver on her demands. She told reporters that she recently asked Big G CEO Sundar Pichai if his company could identify and label AI-generated content.

“His answer was ‘yes, but we’re developing the technology further,'” she said.

But not all tech giants have been so docile. The most notable rebels are twitter, recently opted out of the EU anti-information provision. Eerily, euroba The social media giant said,I chose the path of suffering. “

“They chose confrontation,” she warned.

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