Ensuring functional safety of vehicles-

ROHM’s new website integrates 1,000 products under the ComfySILTM brand, which supports the functional safety of automotive systems. By improving the searchability of products and various documents, it contributes to the work efficiency of electronic circuit design and system design in the in-vehicle field.

ComfySILTM dedicated site:

In recent years, with the acceleration of technological innovation represented by ADAS (advanced driver assistance system) in the automobile field, consideration for functional safety to prevent accidents is required. At the same time, as the importance of ensuring vehicle safety by responding to safety requirements at the equipment level of in-vehicle electrical equipment is increasing, the second edition of ISO 26262, an international standard for functional safety, was published in December 2018, and semiconductors chapter.

ROHM responded quickly to these needs and succeeded in obtaining ISO 26262 development process certification from TÜV Rheinland, a third-party certification body, in March 2018. Since then, ROHM has gradually expanded the documents required for functional safety design, and now has a lineup of more than 1,000 compatible product numbers.

In this new special site, functional safety products will be aggregated under the brand name ComfySILTM, and by utilizing them on the Web and related documents, product searchability will be greatly improved.

The ComfySILTM brand targets not only vehicles but also functional safety for other markets, and in the future we will expand the product lineup that supports functional safety in the industrial equipment field as well.

As the role of semiconductors in the automotive and industrial equipment markets is increasing, ROHM will strive to manufacture high-quality products and contribute to the realization of a safer, more secure and environmentally friendly automobile society through products.

ROHM Automotive Product Initiatives

Since its founding, Roam has set “quality first” as its corporate philosophy, and through a vertically integrated production system within the group, it has achieved high quality in all processes from development to manufacturing, as well as reliable traceability and optimized supply. We offer chains.

We have built a dedicated line for in-vehicle products and are developing in compliance with the quality management system (IATF16949) and electronic product reliability (AEC-Q100 / 101/102) standards.

Roam began establishing an ISO 26262 process for functional safety in 2015, and in March 2018, obtained ISO 26262 development process certification from TÜV Rheinland, a third-party certification body.


Functional safety categories and documentation

ROHM has identified three categories of functional safety products. (Currently only available in the automobile field)

FS process compliant

Products developed according to the ISO 26262 design process that complies with the ASIL levels listed in the data sheet.

Implementation of FS mechanism

A product that implements a safety mechanism that meets the ASIL level requirements listed in the data sheet.

FS support

This product was developed for in-vehicle use and can support safety analysis related to functional safety.

List of materials provided


* FS Support FMEDA does not include analysis such as hardware architecture metrics. Ensuring functional safety of vehicles-

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