Ensono Europe Appoints Hannah Birch as Managing Director of Europe – Technology Reseller

Experienced technology services leader Hannah Birch leads Ensono’s growth strategy in Europe

EnenLeading hybrid IT service provider, Hannah Birch announced today that it has been appointed SVP and Managing Director (MD) of Europe. Birch uses her wealth of experience in technology and transformation to lead Ensono’s European growth strategy. This appointment follows Ensono’s acquisition of cloud consultancy Amido, enabling Ensono to help more clients transform and collaborate on new digital models. Birch takes over the role of European MD from Bernie Taylor.

Birch joined Ensono in June and was tasked with moving to the role of Managing Director. She spent more than 10 years as Managing Director of Technology at Accenture. Her work at Accenture included responsibility for leading technology insurance and responsibility for technology leadership teams in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Birch brings over 20 years of experience in the IT industry to her role in Ensono. She has worked with many multinational companies in both the insurance and energy sectors and has extensive expertise in transformational activities across all areas of technology, working in data center and service management transformation operations. Prior to his position at Accenture, he was a leader in both Computacenter and Fujitsu Services UK.

“Hanna brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the role of MD,” said Mark Capri, president of Ensono. “She has a strong history of leading corporate growth strategies and transformation. It’s great to officially confirm that Hannah is a European MD. A smooth transition from Bernie’s leadership in Europe. During, Hannah quickly showed that she had a deep understanding of Ensono’s purpose in providing transformational programs to its clients. She was an exciting opportunity created by Ensono’s recent acquisition of Amido. Based on, he is the perfect person for the job that will lead Ensono Europe to future success. “

“Ensono is one of the few managed service providers with end-to-end digital transformation capabilities, ready to help enterprise clients succeed in a fast-paced, ever-changing world of technology. I’m sure there are 21NS “Century,” Birch said. “The acquisition of Amido brings a variety of digital capabilities. Ensono and Amido have already formed credible partnerships with many major brands, increasing the demand for more flexible and technology-driven experiences in all sectors. We are really excited about the myriad future opportunities to offer more innovative, especially cloud-native. Service to our clients.

“Thanks to his predecessor, Bernie Taylor, during his three-year tenure, he helped grow the business, attract a variety of new clients, and showcase the transformational changes Ensono can offer in collaboration with clients. rice field.

“Ensono Europe is full of talented individuals. We are passionate about helping our clients understand the new possibilities of added value created by technology. I am in my technology career. I firmly believe in giving everyone a chance to succeed. I have already started a new apprenticeship program and the government to support the growth of people aged 18-24 who evacuated during the pandemic. And its kickstart program. As an industry facing a lack of skills, it is imperative that we play our role in growing early in our career talents. Ensono’s Growth We look forward to working with the entire team in this exciting new era of Ensono in Europe to accelerate ambitions, bring more innovation and change to our clients and partners, and help shape the future of the future. “

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twenty two Ensono Europe Appoints Hannah Birch as Managing Director of Europe – Technology Reseller

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