ENPOWER-First to Adopt Infineon’s Latest 750V Automotive Grade Discrete IGBTEDT2 Device

Zhuhai ENPOWER Electric Co., Ltd. (ENPOWER), a leading supplier of inverters for the automotive industry based in China, has integrated Infineon Technologies AG (FSE: IFX / OTCQX)’s latest 750V automotive grades IGBT AIKQ120N75CP2 and AIKQ200N75CP2 for the first time. : IFNNY). Discrete IGBTEDT2 devices in the TO-247PLUS package enable improved performance and system cost savings for main inverter applications and DC link discharge switches in electric vehicles. In addition, you have more design freedom to achieve your system integration goals.

“ENPOWER adheres to the technical route of designing motor control units (MCUs) with discrete components and continues to develop products with excellent cost benefits, which makes it competitive for MCUs in the market. We will always maintain our advantage, “says Liu Hongxin. , R & D director of ENPOWER MCU. “Infineon’s industry-leading discrete IGBTs are compatible with previous generations in terms of packaging. With high current density, ultra-low saturation voltage drops, and exceptional parallel performance, the power density of our products is It has increased by more than 20%, further improving the competitiveness of our products. “

“We are very pleased with this close and successful collaboration with ENPOWER. This project further emphasizes our solid position in inverter applications,” said Infineon’s high-power discrete and chip product line responsibility. Dr. Robert Hermann said. “By leveraging our technical expertise and understanding of our systems, we can bring innovative solutions to the market that perfectly match our customers’ needs.”

Benchmark EDT2 technology has been very successfully introduced to the market. It is offered in a TO247 package optimized for automotive discrete traction inverters. The new 120A and 200A (100 ° C) product variations expand Infineon’s portfolio of discrete high-voltage devices for automotive applications. Discrete-based inverters are beneficial in terms of scalability, flexibility, and overall system cost.

In addition, 750 V EDT2 technology enables high performance system design. With a rated current of 200A, the AIKQ200N75CP2 is a best-in-class discrete IGBT in the TO247Plus package. Therefore, for a defined target power class, fewer devices are required in parallel, increasing power density and reducing system costs. Due to the high quality of Infineon’s IGBTs, they are an important component of a reliable inverter system. ENPOWER-First to Adopt Infineon’s Latest 750V Automotive Grade Discrete IGBTEDT2 Device

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