Engis UK Launches New High Precision Vertical Grinding Machine

Superabrasives specialist Engis Corporation is pleased to announce the new EVG series of precision vertical grinding machines for producing ultrasmooth surfaces. These machines are designed to grind advanced materials with high precision, flatness and surface quality, and by shifting directly from grinding SiC and other materials to final polishing, the need for subsequent lapping. Significantly reduce or eliminate.

Ideal applications for EVG series machines include semiconductor wafer grinding or back thinning (SiC, GaAs, sapphire, Si, GaN, AIN, InP), semiconductor equipment components (ceramic chucks, glass ceramics, etc.), and semiconductor substrates. It is included. Advanced packaging including MEMS (ceramics, semiconductors).

Engis EVG machines are available in three different models: EVG-200, EVG-250, and EVG-300. All of these models have a built-in programmable logic controller up to 400 rpm. Workbench speed and up to 2000 rpm. Wheel speed. Machine sizes range from 800 x 800 x 1900 on the EVG-200 to 1050 x 1050 x 2020 on the EVG-300. All machines are ergonomically designed, have easy access to the work area and have a variety of chuck options.

Advanced machine control options are available to provide automatic grindstone dressing, automatic grindstone positioning with respect to the workpiece, and workpiece thickness measurement. For maximum control, an upgrade to in-process thickness measurement that feeds back into the grinding cycle in real time is also available.

State-of-the-art models offer automated thickness options. Choice of multipoint contact probing for grinding multiple wafers, or contact or non-contact continuous in-process measurement for single wafer machining.

EVG series machines are equipped with Engis grindstones based on mixed abrasive diamond (MAD) wheel technology to adjust the wheel to the material being machined. You can watch a video showing the machine in operation at: www.engis.com/videos.. Engis specialist application engineers can provide specific process recommendations for specific materials and applications.

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