Engineering Update-Demag Expands Scope of Its KBK Optical Crane System

  • Increased capacity up to 2000 kg for single girder cranes
  • Compact design for optimal use of possible workspaces
  • KBK Aluline’s strong suspension between suspension points Large distance

Material handling expert Demag has created a versatile way to lift the system with installation work, reducing with even higher load capacity, improving available space, its universal KBK crane construction. Added new components to the kit.

The Demag KBK Modular Optical Crane System is a proven construction kit designed to create custom solutions for moving, handling and lifting. KBK can be configured to meet specific work process needs and operating environments when loads are transported. The ergonomic system is suitable for stand-alone workstations as well as integrated production and assembly lines with a weight load of 3.2 tons and 80 kg.

Single girder crane for up to 2000 km

The new components strongly include a load capacity of up to 2,000 kg suspension and an improved trolley that can be used for KBK single beam cranes. Previously, such load capacity required a double girder crane. Whereas single girder, double trolley placement was required before due to the provision of space design, the single trolley configuration can hold a larger load as a result, a new improved trolley. Saves the advantages of a lighter and more compact crane configuration.

The dimensions of the reduction method can be achieved with a single girder crane from the KBK Aluline range, using a load capacity of 2000 kg and the currently available KBK A22 single girder. Double crane trolleys will still be used to prevent collisions, as the KBK optical crane system allows several cranes to move to the same crane runway, but the more compact design cross-runs. Can be implemented for the device: Single trolley configuration allows lower hook dimensions and therefore improved utilization of available space.

Great distance between suspensions-high flexibility

Other new features within the KBK Aluline range allow the distance between suspensions to be increased from 1.84 meters up to 3.57 meters Higher loads up to 2400 km for rail sections of up to A22 crane runways Volume suspension. This easily large system design flexibility, less installation work and significantly reduced component and assembly costs.

Double-digit KBK crane uplift bridges and internal conductor wires for electric long running motion may be specified for limited headroom and large hoistways and applications.The most useful hook path and this raised crane bridge design are also available for the KBK Aluline system

Easy installation of travel route restrictions

Further new features allow the operator to quickly and easily limit travel movements, and track restrictions allow it to be placed in any position. If necessary, this allows crane and trolley travel movements to be restricted for safe operation of the lifting system.

https://engineering-update.co.uk/2021/06/21/demag-extends-the-scope-of-its-kbk-light-crane-system/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=demag-extends-the-scope-of-its-kbk-light-crane-system Engineering Update-Demag Expands Scope of Its KBK Optical Crane System

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