Emirati Shipyard receives a record $ 1 billion order for naval vessels

Beirut- United Arab Emirates It signed a contract with Abu Dhabi Shipbuilding for 3.5 billion Durham (US $ 952.7 million) to produce four Faraji 3 class offshore patrol vessels, the company’s largest order ever.

ADSB, a subsidiary of the local defense conglomerate Edge, announced a contract with the Ministry of Defense Emirati Navy on Tuesday.

“The agreement requires ADSB to build four Falaj 3 Class Offshore Patrol Vessels (OPVs) for the UAE Navy. Construction will take place at Musafa’s shipyards over 300,000 square meters.” Said David Massey, CEO of the shipbuilding company, to Defense News.

He added that the company is building all four hulls at the facility and then manages the integration of all systems installed on the vessel.

“We will start working at the end of. [the third quarter of] In 2021, we aim to ensure full delivery of the contract within five years from that time, “Massay said.

ADSB’s design partner is the marine division of ST Engineering in Singapore. Multiple Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) are also project partners, providing key components such as navigation, communications and weapons systems.

Each ship is expected to be equipped with combat management systems, sensors, and guns, secondary weapons, surface-to-ground and surface-to-air missile systems, and electronic warfare and weapons systems, including decoys, electronic warfare and tactics. Communication function.

“We haven’t disclosed the details of the weapons to equip yet, but we can confirm that they are well within the expectations of this sophisticated ship,” Massey said, adding that the ship will be able to negotiate all aspects of modern times. I did. Naval battle.

Khalid Albreiki, Chairman of ADSB and President of Edge’s Mission Support, said in a statement: “This agreement provides the company with a platform for sustainable and profitable growth while preserving the strategic state assets essential to the defense of the UAE.”

ADSB previously manufactured the Emirati Navy’s Baynunah-class corvette, but the last corvette was delivered in 2017.

ADSB operates three major naval programs: Corvettes, Offshore Patrol Vessels, and High Speed ​​Patrol Vessels, providing maintenance, repair, repair, upgrade, remodeling, and engineering consulting services. It also provides ongoing lifelong support to the Emirati Navy and critical local infrastructure and coastal protection authorities.

http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/defense-news/home/~3/NkKccaQtEWQ/ Emirati Shipyard receives a record $ 1 billion order for naval vessels

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