Emerson’s new Emergency Shutdown Discrete Valve Controller Improves Safety and Uptime in Hazardous Applications @Emerson_News #engineering #engineeringupdate

TopWorx DX partial stroke tests with HART7 provide detailed valve assembly data and diagnostics for predictive maintenance and reliable operation.

Today, Emerson TopWorxTM DXPST and HART® 7 The unit provides valuable valve data and diagnostic information, enabling digital transformation of process applications. The new DXPST integrates seamlessly with existing valve and control systems, giving operators access to critical valve data, trends, and diagnostics that they can use to predict and schedule maintenance.

DX PST partial stroke test ensures reliable functioning of the system without shutting down the process. A safety feature that ensures that the valve is completely closed to stop the process if an emergency is detected. Simply press the local PST button to activate the test. No additional equipment is required. To prevent serious failure in an upset state, the unit overrides the test and performs an emergency shutdown (ESD).

Adaptive DXPST is certified for operation in harsh and dangerous applications, ensuring valve integrity and overall safety and uptime for oil and gas, refineries, chemicals, industrial energy and mining applications. Is designed to improve.

Prayag Vatsraj, Global Product Manager for Emerson’s Switchbox, said: “DXPST with HART7 supports digital transformation by providing reliable data that provides valuable insights into the state of the valve assembly that ensures system integrity without shutting down the process. . “

The HART® protocol, whose specifications are owned by the FieldComm Group, builds another layer of information that ensures that data, trends, and diagnostics are monitored and tied to the Internet of Industrial Things. This information can be used to effectively predict and schedule maintenance.

DX PSTs capable of safety integrity level 3 (SIL 3) have integrated 2oo2 or 2oo3 solenoid valve redundancy. ASCOTM Series Advanced Redundant Control System (ARCS) For added safety, open a terminal that allows for an additional pressure 1/2 transmitter along with two pressure switches. The discrete valve controller provides easy local and remote calibration.

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