Elizabeth Holmes says the former president of Theranos abused her

Today, Elizabeth Holmes said she was raped at Stanford University and cried at the stand. That was part of the reason she dropped out of college, she testified. “I have decided that I will build my life by building this company,” she said at today’s witness stand. “He said I was safe because I met him,” when she began dating her co-defendant Sunny Balwani, who was being tried separately.

Then she said, he abused her and raped her.

Holmes, the former CEO of Theranos, has been tried for 11 wire frauds and plots of wire fraud. A Holmes recording lying to investors and journalists was played in court.Since the opening statement we knew she was trying to shift the blame especially To Balwani, the former president of the company. Balwani’s lawyer has previously challenged Holmes’ allegations of abuse.

Early witnesses to the trial said they saw Balwani postponed to Holmes. They were also at a meeting attended by both, Holmes told most of the story And I ran a meeting. Former Theranos board member James Mattis Testimony that Holmes was “in charge” Of Theranos. Lisa Peterson, who worked on DeVos’ investment in Theranos, said her team didn’t. Comprehensive research on Theranos Because they “do not want to offend Elizabeth.”

Holmes said today that Balwani is in control of her behind the scenes: what she ate, how she dressed, and how she talked. She claimed that he sent her a text message to criticize her while they were having a meeting together. I saw her say that a document that Holmes identified as Barwani’s handwriting contained instructions for her. He told her she was like a “monkey trying to fly a spaceship.”

Balwani met Holmes at the age of 18. He was 37 years old. She knew he was successful and worked with Microsoft’s Bill Gates. When she went to Stanford, they were in contact by email. In March 2004, Holmes dropped out of school. She said she spoke to Balwani about building a business from her patent application. She moved with him in 2005.

Holmes did not date the exact beginning of the alleged abuse. But Balwani said, “I didn’t know what I was doing in business, my beliefs were wrong, he was surprised at my mediocrity, and if I followed my instincts I would fail I told me it would be, “she insisted. “I never became a successful person in life or business, so I had to kill that person and become the new Elizabeth,” he said.

If she wants to be a successful entrepreneur, Barwani told her, and Holmes needs to spend all her time on the business, she only needs to spend time with people who make the business successful. Said. “I had to work seven days a week and be in the office seven days a week.” This meant spending less time with her family.

Holmes’ lawyer turned a strange handwritten document into evidence. Holmes said he recognized the handwriting as Balwani’s. (Especially around the capital “I”.) This document states, “Every morning, get out of bed and spend more than 30 minutes (less than a minute) to get what you want from your day. Write .. I spend time only on what’s most important to cash flow … “and” I won’t meet anyone for more than 5 minutes unless I write down the reason (especially my direct reports) … my focus is on which of them The company is more about helping you. “

Another page of the document was titled “Pursuit of Business Success.” The idea on this page was that some people would naturally succeed in business, but others would not be able to learn “by using their intellect to develop their” natural instincts. ” The most important thing was discipline. The second most important thing was “self-discovery by writing (not reading)”.

“He was talking about me,” Holmes said.

Then I saw Holmes’ self-made schedule for what looks like stationery in a hotel in a Singapore hotel called Raffles. The first item on her schedule was 4am, “Most things aren’t logical, so stand up and thank God.” And from 4 to 4:15, she was supposed to “wish for change.” He also touched on her lunch, tofu with tabbouleh, and “green drinks.” Below the schedule was a series of notes stating that Holmes was Balwani’s lesson.

At the stand, when Barwani didn’t do what Barwani wanted, “the fact that he was very angry with me, very disappointed with my mediocrity, and trying to teach me what to do. Yelled at me about. I didn’t listen to him and never succeeded. “

She was The successful Balwani praised “I shaped you.” He sent her a text message.

The defense said he showed Holmes a document he had created on his iPhone and noted that Balwani was yelling at her. I have no faith. I’m very angry with myself when I come.Spent very angry [sic] 5 years of my life. The biggest failure of my life. I regret it. I stayed because I love you … fucking the mediocre quality of this shit company. “

Holmes said abuse wasn’t just emotional. Barwani said, “I wanted me to know that he still loves me, so I forced me to have sex with him, even when I didn’t want to.” .. According to Holmes, she wrote another document on the iPhone after one of these incidents. very painful. so much. Can’t you concentrate on anything other than the reason? Why do you hurt yourself? You can’t even move, let alone do sit-ups or actually do sit-ups. Lying down and swollen. literally. ”

It was a report from a 2015 lab inspection that broke the Balwani spell that Holmes testified. “I went into that inspection because I thought there was one of the best labs in the world.” She was reported in 2016 and Theranos’s strategy was “Imminent danger to patient safety.. Later, Balwani was disappointed to hire a lab director to report to her and an outside advisor.

Holmes said Balwani left the company shortly thereafter in May 2016 and has not continued his personal relationship with him since then. While he was on a business trip in Thailand, she and her brother secretly moved her stuff out of Balwani’s house.

She said Balwani didn’t tell her what to tell about Theranos to investors, journalists, or anyone else. She replied when her lawyer, Kevin Downey, asked how Balwani influenced her work in Theranos. He influenced everything about who I am, and I don’t fully understand it. “

The purpose of this testimony seems to be to provide evidence of Holmes’ state of mind. In order for allegations of wire fraud to continue, the government must show that Holmes is deliberately lying. But if she believes she is telling the truth, or loses the ability to determine what the truth is, the prosecution’s proceedings collapse.

Holmes’ lawyer sought to obtain some of the previous deposits from Balwani, which was admitted as evidence of the case, as his lawyer said he would defend the fifth. The prosecution disputed this, arguing that, as part of their claim, his remarks from the deposit were unacceptable because of “motivation for love.”

The prosecution’s motion was accompanied by a text that Holmes said to Balwani in May 2016, “I love you.” In June 2016, Balwani sent her a text message after Holmes said she had sneaked out of the house. [sic] Control your thoughts and don’t let fear control you.Breathe and be aware of your breathing and breathing every hour [sic] Be afraid. Holmes replied, “I love this.” According to the government, this is evidence that Barwani’s romantic relationship continued after the departure of Theranos.

Holmes would have to explain how those texts fit into the testimony she gave today. That testimony is also different from what she told the Securities and Exchange Commission in 2017. She said the relationship was “dead” before Barwani left Theranos. She also said in 2017 that she was the “final decision maker for the company.”

I expect the prosecution to ask her about all this tomorrow — her direct examination has ended just like the day in court. Elizabeth Holmes says the former president of Theranos abused her

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