Elektron’s Model: Cycles and Model: Samples groove boxes sell for $ 249 each.

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Elektron may have a reputation for making expensive digital instruments, but if you’re in the groove box market, it’s hard to overlook the model lineup. NS Model: Sample When Model: Cycle The device is currently with Amazon Sweet water.. From $ 299 $ 249It’s an even better option for beatmakers, beginners and veterans.

Elektron Model: Buy Samples on Amazon-$ 249
Elektron Model: Buy Samples at Sweetwater-$ 249

Elektron brought much of that know-how to entry-level Model: Samples in 2019. You can add your own samples via the microUSB port. In our review, Model: I gave Samples a score of 86, so I called it “there are lots of happy accidents” and “the best sequencer in its class” with lots of controls. However, there were reservations for lack of onboard sampling and the “mediocre” quality of the pads.

But overall, it’s a great groove box. Considering that the Model: Samples price was $ 449 just a few years ago, $ 249 is a great price.

Elektron Model: Buy Cycles on Amazon-$ 249
Elektron Model: Buy Cycles at Sweetwater-$ 249

Model: Cycles, on the other hand, is a more recent model. This is also a 6-track sequencer, but it incorporates some of the features of Elektron’s Digitakt sampler. I’m using FM synth sounds instead of samples. Model: If you give Cycles a score of 88, We found it We provide an “incredibly fun hands-on-play experience”. It’s a little disappointing that there are no filters and arpeggiators, but it’s still a great groove box. On that website Elektron notebook The two devices will be on sale until September 30th. Elektron’s Model: Cycles and Model: Samples groove boxes sell for $ 249 each.

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