EasySpheres best practices approach provides quality, efficiency and flexibility to customers around the world

Doug Farlow, Vice President of Sales & Marketing

Headquartered in Oregon and founded over 17 years ago, EasySpheres Inc is a global exclusive provider of high quality first solder balls in reasonable quantities and at excellent prices. “We strive to be the first source and technical guide to many of the solder adhesion and collision challenges we face today,” said CEO Eric Baker. EasySpheres is a leading global supplier of high performance interconnect materials and related services for the electronic and microcomponent assembly markets.

The company maintains a large inventory of spherical alloys and sizes and specializes in fulfilling small orders. EasySpheres is always proud to guarantee quick delivery. This is achieved in a special way: managing inventory, shipping all orders within 24 hours, and making the ordering process as easy and efficient as possible for the customer.

“The EasySpheres concept came from the idea that many end-user applications for solder balls require fewer units than most sphere manufacturers offer,” he added. The company combines this concept with guaranteed immediate delivery, easy online ordering and fulfillment, and a wide inventory of the most popular alloys and sizes.

“Our business growth was made possible by the belief that good customer service, fast delivery and a wide range of choices make sense for our customers,” he added. “We enjoy over 97% on-time customer delivery rates for large and small orders, which allows us to evaluate our very loyal and evolving customer base.”

EasySpheres is pleased to work with many innovators in the electronics manufacturing community in the United States and around the world. We serve customers in the aerospace, consumer, EMS, medical, semiconductor and BGA rework manufacturing markets.

According to Baker, EasySpheres’ goal is to provide customers and distribution partners with instant online access to a wide inventory of solder ball sizes and alloys that can be shipped quickly on demand. The company develops and maintains a state-of-the-art e-commerce portal with easy-to-use login capabilities that allow customers to create custom accounts, check inventory, receive or store quotes, and process orders. can. A quick and easy way. Orders for in-stock items are processed on the same day by credit card or purchase order and shipped via UPS for fast and reliable delivery. New customers will be provided with automatic Net 30-day payment terms to accommodate same-day shipping. Unlike many of our competitors, EasySpheres can ship any quantity of solder balls from 10,000 to millions. A quick response quote for any order quantity is also available.

The company offers a variety of products including lead alloys, lead-free alloys, tape and reel balls, and copper balls. EasySpheres is available in many solder alloys containing eutectic tin / lead and high lead typical of ceramic BGA packages, as well as many of the industry’s required lead-free solder alloys, including low silver alloy formulations. Sphere diameter ranges for BGA and CSP ball attach applications are available from 0.002 to 0.035 inches.

• Leaded alloy

EasySpheres Sn10Pb90 With a solder ball Sn20Pb80, Sn62Pb36Ag02, Sn63Pb37 Solder balls are manufactured and designed to support optimized ball attachment applications for ball grid array (BGA) and chip scale package (CSP) components. EasySpheres are packaged to resist surface darkening caused by transit tumbling. This reduces machine vision disruption in the ball placement system. All products are packaged in medical grade ESD safe containers. In addition, the solder balls are J-STD-006 compliant and are QR coded for lot compatibility traceability and shipping accuracy.

• Lead-free alloy

EasySpheres Sn42Bi58, SAC 105, SAC305, SAC405 and SAC350 Solder balls are manufactured and designed to support optimized ball attachment applications for BGA and CSP components. All EasySpheres comply with strict quality inspection requirements such as sphericity and tolerance uniformity, sphericity, alloy purity (IPC JST006C compliant) and manufacturing.

Shelf viability and storage history dates.

• Tape and reel ball

EasySpheres Solder ball strip, SN63PB37, SAC305 and SN10PB90 Tape solder balls allow customers to use their existing pick-and-place equipment to automate the placement of company balls in all reball projects. Spheres with EasySpheres tape are packaged to EIA-481-E standards using industry standard 8 mm polycarbonate tape and work with most pick-and-place tape feeders. Customers can take advantage of excess deployment machine capacity while enjoying the benefits of accuracy and speed from existing pick-and-place platforms.

• Copper ball

EasySpheres Solid copper sphere Manufactured to the highest industry standards. With an ultra-high melting point of 1080 ° C, these non-foldable spheres allow for very high packaging densities while maintaining nominal standoff heights for easy cleaning and encapsulation. The sphere provides not only excellent electrical conductivity, but also excellent thermal conductivity and heat dissipation. EasySpheres CU-100-XX Solder Balls and SnNi Plated CUEZ PL-XX Solder Balls are sold in MOQ over 10,000 balls. Both products range in stock size from 0.012 to 0.020 inches and have stable SPC precision manufacturing standards for strict dimensional quality control.

Another important aspect of EasySpheres is product labeling. A few years ago, and ahead of our competitors, EasySpheres adopted a new quality directive to improve the traceability of our customers’ sphere inventory lot numbers. “What seems to be the common sense of following our industry best practices has provided us with a clear advantage in our ability to deal with problems in the downstream processes associated with solder balls.” Baker added.

EasySpheres stores and packages all spheres in antistatic polypropylene jars with color-coded screw top lids. Each jar has a moisture desiccant barrier to protect it from fluctuations in relative humidity. The product label includes the part number, quantity per jar, alloy, inch and mm diameter, expiration date, lot code number, and scannable QR code. EasySpheres includes a manufacturer conformity certificate with each of these values ​​included in each product shipped. The certificate of conformity identifies the manufacturing standard for each size / alloy sphere, the brightness of the sphere, the purity limit of the alloy and the dispersion distribution of the actual size, and the distribution of sphericity. In addition, the company holds order documents for each area to ship with customer order details for five years.

So why is EasySpheres so unique? Baker concludes: A “best practice” approach to servicing our customers is just a good business, providing product traceability and customer trust. “

For more information, please contact Eric Baker, President of 12012 SW Powell Butte Hwy, Powell Butte, OR97753. 858-486-4068; Email: Feedback @ easyspheres.comWebsite: www: EasySpheres best practices approach provides quality, efficiency and flexibility to customers around the world

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