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IGEL, the next-generation edge OS provider for cloud workspaces, has released a thumb-sized portable USB device with both a USB-A connector and a USB-C connector. This allows you to securely and quickly access your managed cloud or VDI workspace from any x86-. 64 endpoints.

An ideal solution for BYOD users, telecommuting staff, or organizations wishing to reuse existing hardware, UD Pocket2 comes pre-installed with IGEL OS Workspace Edition software and has over 100 integrated partner technologies. Built-in support for. Devices enabled on UDPocket2 or UDPocket USB-A devices are endpoints that can be managed using the IGEL Universal Management Suite (UMS). This allows you to securely manage up to 300,000 IGELOS-powered endpoints, both inside and outside your enterprise. Network from a single console.

UD Pocket2 can also be used to provide quick disaster recovery if an endpoint is infected with ransomware.

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